Applegate Farms Coupon Giveaway

Applegate Products

Applegate Products

Applegate Coupon Giveaway

Contest Closed (But Feel Free to Read…)

Warmer weather is finally here and it couldn’t be more welcome. To celebrate the coming of summer, I am doing a giveaway, courtesy of Applegate Farms. In case you aren’t familiar, Applegate offers a variety of natural products like bacon, sausage, hot dogs, meats and cheeses (see my recent review). Great for any time of the year, they particularly excel at helping you create a natural summer, with delicious foods for picnics and grilling. I will be mailing 4 lucky winners 8 – $1/off coupons for Applegate products. Almost like one a week for the summer!

Applegate Hot Dogs

Applegate Hot Dogs

Ok, I know I’m a big locavore, but there are certain things that aren’t happening in my kitchen—or even at the local butcher shop. I talked to the owner of a local meat market about curing ham without nitrites and he actually went a little pale (note—harder than it looks, I guess). Then there was my recent venture into grinding my own meat. Let’s just say it was not pretty and professional sausage makers have nothing to fear.

So here is the contest:

What: Four (4) offers of 8 – $1/off coupons for Applegate products. (FWIW, I buy my Applegate at Trader Joe’s but believe that Whole Foods and many local health food stores also carry their products)

How: Subscribe to my email or “like” ArtofNatualLiving on Facebook (Brand New!). Then, leave a comment below mentioning what products you think you’ll be buying if you win.

When: Drawing will use and closes on June 8, 2011. I will email winners for their mailing address and they will have one week to get back to me or I will select a new winner. After all, you want to be eating this great food when summer is going strong!

P.S. If I were eligible to win and did, I would buy a bunch of their nitrite free ham and make Eggs Benedict for dinner, followed by sub sandwiches. Then I’d buy grass feed beef hotdogs for grilling (delicious with sauerkraut), andouille sausage for gumbo, and uncured bacon for really decadent breakfasts. Take a look at the Applegate products and let me know your choices!


  1. What a GREAT give-away, Inger. I’m afraid we don’t have access to Applegate products here in central, PA. There’s talk about a Trader Joe’s coming to State College but that’s a long way off. Good Luck to All!

    P.S. If I do a post tomorrow, (June 5th) I’ll be sure and mention your give-away. Thanks again…

  2. I just came across your blog- great site! I would buy many Applegate items, since they are the only prepackaged meats legal on the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) my whole family is on right now. We especially enjoy thier breakfast sausage and deli turkey meats! Thanks for such a super give away!

  3. I subscribe! I like their deli meats the best!