Salsa Among Friends

Last weekend marked one of the highlights of our CSA season—the annual salsa party.  Everyone is invited and joins in to cut up peppers, onion, garlic and tomatoes for a giant salsa mix.

Cutting Tomatoes

Cutting Tomatoes

We all work hard and produce a giant tub of salsa.   Then we kick back and indulge in a bountiful potluck.  Produce from the farm is heavily featured and I usually take away a recipe or two.

Rare Earth Farm Salsa Party Treats

Rare Earth Farm Salsa Party Treats

Following dinner, there is time to stroll the fields.  There is no feeling quite as wholesome as walking along autumn fields waiting for harvest!

Rare Earth Farm Field

Rare Earth Farm Field

Then we gather containers of salsa to bring home and indulge in over the next few days

Fresh salsa is wonderful!  If only we could have it year round!



This year, as I have in other years, I decided not to do without but instead preserve a bit of late summer by canning salsa. Since safety guidelines change over time and a canning site is more likely to stay current, I will leave the instructions there.  But here are the general steps:

  • Cut up onions, peppers, garlic & tomatoes. Measure spices.
Cut Onions

Cut Onions

  • Cook according to instructions
  • Process cooked salsa in a water bath

Canning in Boiling Water Bath

  • Enjoy—all winter!

Isn’t fall amazing?!

Onions Drying

Onions Drying

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12 thoughts on “Salsa Among Friends

  1. Louise

    A Salsa sounds like a GREAT way to welcome the autumn harvest, Inger. I’ve always shied away from “putting up” but I’ve gotten pretty good at bartering seeds for each years bounty! Today the waitress at the diner gave me hot cherry pepper seeds and canned cherry peppers and I gave her heirloom tomato seeds.

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Lori Fredrich (@Burp_Blog)

    Saw your turkey sandwich recipe in the Journal Sentinel today! Hoping you’ll shoot me an email so that we can connect! We’ve added you to our Wisconsin Food Blogger list and would love to add you to our blogger network as well!

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