Creamy-Spicy Black Bean Dip (Four Ingredients!)

I first tasted this simple and delicious bean dip at a book club meeting (where the refreshments never disappoint!). On that particular night, a big bowl appeared right in front of me and I reached forward almost reflexively.   I dipped in a chip and the person next to me followed.  We both crunched down, then looked at each other, eyes wide.  The dip had a creaminess from the beans, along with a fresh brightness and a bit of a kick.

“We sat in the right place…” she whispered.

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After doing my part to empty the bowl that evening, I was confident that this would also be a hit at home,  So when we went “up north” over spring break, I decided to serve it with my soup dinner, to add some pizzazz and defuse any protests about “boring old freezer food.”  With a mere four ingredients, dinner would still be easy, and I was going to get a whole lot more credit!

When we arrived at the cabin I was hit with the unfortunate flashback of my 70’s era blender dying on the prior trip.  How could I have forgotten!  The recipe called for pureeing the ingredients.  What to do…

Mashing Black Beans

Mashing Black Beans

I handed my husband a fork and told him to start mashing beans.  We left the salsa in its natural chunky state and I decided that our “chunky-creamy” black bean dip was every bit as delicious as the original–and only slightly more work.  Here’s to low tech food!

Bean Dip Served

Bean Dip Served

Black Bean Dip


  • 3/4 – 1 c salsa
  • 1 can black beans drained and rinsed
  • 1/2 c cilantro, minced
  • Hot sauce to taste


1.  Mash beans with a fork, then combine with remaining ingredients  OR… Combine all ingredients in blender

2. Chill for 8 hrs (if you can wait).  Serve with chips.

I started out using home canned salsa.  Finally, repeated servings of this popular dip cleared out the pantry and I had to use commercial.  Note to self–can extra salsa next fall!

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14 thoughts on “Creamy-Spicy Black Bean Dip (Four Ingredients!)

    1. Inger

      I was afraid that using the salsa was almost cheating because you get the advantages of everything that went into it but it only counts as one ingredient. But we really need easy at times, I figure!

    1. Inger

      I was so happy when the kids decided this made it worth living through a dinner of soup from the freezer. Right now anything simple feels perfect!

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