(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Summer’s Passing 2014

Summer’s passing.deer

You can feel it in the inconstancy of the days.  See it in crimson-tipped leaves.  bay-beach-train

Everywhere there are veiled hints.   Earlier sunsets, blue cornflowered fields, apologetically offered pumpkin recipes.sunset

This weekend I go “up north” to pick up one of my daughters for transport from summer job to college. 

I don’t feel ready for it to end.kayaking

It’s been a good run…young-crops summerfest-ferris-wheel sky-glider peonies fancy-feet crispin cranberries calf bay-beach-swings

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8 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Summer’s Passing 2014

  1. Beth

    Lovely photos, and sentiments. It’s been a great summer here, too, and we’re picking up our daughters from camp on Sunday. One of the things that makes summer so great is that it’s so brief, and we have to live each moment as fully as we can.

    1. Inger

      Time really flies, doesn’t it Beth? Your comment is so true and I suppose it’s one of the positives about having seasons–you really do need to seize the moment.

  2. Kathy

    It seems this summer has gone by sooooo fast! I think it’s because I’ve been quite busy! I’m really not ready for it to end yet! Great photos and lovely sentiments!! Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Inger

      Thanks Kathy. Yes, I think I am hearing from everyone how fast the summer seems to have disappeared. Have a great week!

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