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Today many people are looking for a connection to the farm–perhaps by joining a CSA or visiting a farmer’s market.  Isn’t it heartwarming to think about the natural origins of… your lettuce, for example–and the care people took producing it?  In cheese-making, you can even buy farmstead cheese. Here a cheese-maker produces their own milk, then turns it into cheese right on the premises, a process that has created some big winners in recent cheese competitions. 

Serenity Acres Handmade Soaps

Serenity Acres Handmade Soaps

Yes, there is a lot to be said for controlling production from end to end.  Recently I learned of a small business called Serenity Acres Farm that does something similar, except with soap. Farmstead Soap—how cool is that! 

Serenity Acres resides on a 60-acre farm and raw goat milk dairy, where they make soap by hand, using fresh goat milk and combinations of olive, coconut and palm oils.  They produce four-ounce bars using a 200-year-old cold process method that takes over a month to complete and includes the farm-fresh milk that is Animal Welfare Approved, along with all natural oils, herbs and colorants. 

Serenity Acres Logo

Serenity Acres Logo

Now I am a big fan of silky, fragrant handmade soaps.  In fact, it was once on my bucket list to use only these—something that I have happily achieved.  And so I was delighted when Serenity Acres offered me some of their fine farmstead soap for a review and giveaway!

Did you know that many commercial soap manufacturers remove the valuable, skin moisturizing glycerin and sell it separately for profit?  Or add synthetic fragrances that may contain phthalates or other chemicals linked to health concerns? 

Just in case a wonderful bathing experience, or supporting a small business isn’t enough reason to buy natural soap…  serenity-acres-soap

The two scented soaps I received, Mother Earth and Rosewood Citrus, both smelled warm and spicy (perfect for winter). In fact, I set them on my dining room table for photographs and every time I passed by I took a deep breath for a big psychological lift. The unscented soap had the barest hint of a sweet fresh aroma (unlike some unscented soaps have a very slight “off” fragrance from the oils used to make them) that reminded me of sniffing a beeswax candle.  Mmmm.  serenity-acres-package

The soap lathered well and left my skin feeling clean and soft!  How important is that during skin-cracking winter!

Still looking for stocking stuffers?  The perfect teacher’s gift?  Natural soaps will make you a favorite friend!  (And they do have the cutest packaging EVER). 

Serenity Acres Artisan Soaps

Serenity Acres Artisan Soaps

And now for the giveaway.  It is for a three bars of soap like those shown above (a different scent may be substituted in case of shortage) and is open to US residents.  Sponsored by Serenity Acres, it closes on Dec 13 at midnight CST.  To enter, leave a comment below telling me something you have done to get more connected to a farm.  For a second entry, like Art of Natural Living on Facebook and leave a second comment below letting me know you are a follower. The winner will be picked randomly, contacted by email and have 24 hours to get back to me with mailing information or a new winner will be chosen.


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  1. I was introduced to farms when I was just a toddler. My maternal grandparents lived at that time on a farm in Arkansas. I remember going into the hen house to get eggs right from the source!

  2. I also follow you on Facebook. 🙂

  3. My uncle has a farm with chickens and cows is always fun to visit them


  5. To get more connected to a farm I went and visited one. It was interesting. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  6. Like you on Facebook. Kristie Morrison Donelson. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  7. Well, I am living on a farm. We have cows and chickens and grow our own veggies.

  8. I am following on Facebook.

  9. We try to purchase from farmstands when possible. There are some farms that are about 20 minutes away from me.

  10. I do already like Art of Natural Living on Facebook as Maryann Drapkin

  11. I grew up on a farm. Every morning mother would milk our cow and I would gather the eggs. We had a huge garden and raised our own animals and crops. Since moving on I still grow a garden and I have a friend who I get fresh milk from to make home made cheese.

  12. I like Art of Natural Living on Facebook.

  13. We used to purchase our weekly milk at a local farm. Unfortunately they no longer sell milk products, but they are still a wonderful place to visit for produce

  14. Following you on Facebook

  15. My family visits our local farms to get organic fresh produce.

  16. I am following on Facebook

  17. I buy from the farmers market

  18. I don’t really live too close to farms, but there are some pop ups near me that I frequent as much as possible. We go to upstate NY, and the first thing we do, even before going to the cabin or house rented is stop at the farm stand. There is nothing to compare to a farm fresh tomato, the smell and taste is wonderful! We do go apple picking, pumpkin picking, and do as much seasonal “picking” as we can.

  19. I am also following you on Facebook

  20. My grandparents used to have a farm. I loved visiting it and grew a real appreciation for the practice.

  21. I always try and purchase local produce whenever I go to the grocery store.

  22. i buy most of my food at a local farm

  23. My husband & I buy produce and fruit from the local farms and farm stands. We also like to go to the farmers market in the summer.

  24. Like you on facebook: Nicole Sender.

  25. These look great, Inger! I really like being connected with the farmers at our market. Many of them allow personal visits to the farm or ranch, and it really helps you to appreciate the hard work and love that go into bringing fresh, local foods to your market and table!

  26. PS – I think I follow you on FB but I am headed there right now to make sure I do!

  27. to get more connected with a farm life I visit my local apple orchard and they sell alot of home made item right off their farm and you can also visit the petting farm they have ….

  28. I already follow you on facebook under Amy Tolley

  29. To get more connected to a farm, we went & visited a farm that we order beef & eggs from!

  30. I follow you on Facebook as Angela Saver.

  31. I go to Farmers markets every weekend and am a big big fan of goat milk soap. I have mild excema and this is the only soap i can use on my skin. Thanks for the chance to win. I follow you on twitter(@natashalamoreu1) and on pinterest (natasha lamoreux)

  32. I support local farmer’s markets in the fall – my favorite honeycrisp apples taste better from the local farms

  33. I have done nothing recently to become more connected to a farm. I would like to raise my own chickens.

  34. I like the Art of Natural Living on Facebook – Aaron Martin

  35. I buy from farmer’s markets !

  36. I like to buy from local farms whenever possible!

  37. Scrilla Katt likes the Art of Natural Living on FB

  38. We buy most of our cheese directly from a local goat dairy farm, and we visit when they have open houses (we love seeing the baby goats!).

  39. We live a near a farm and we purchase vegetables from their garden year around.

  40. I Like (follow) you on Facebook ( and Pinterest (www.pinterest.ccom/livesimply1111)

  41. We have friends who have a farm and we buy our eggs and raw milk from them. The eggs are the best EVER. Grocery store eggs can not compare to the richness of farm fresh eggs.

  42. I follow on FB
    Renahda Dericco

  43. We buy everything locally that is farm fresh!

  44. We live in Portland Oregon so we are not really near any farms. We do buy vegetable and honey from the farmer’s market and from road side stands when we get the chance.

  45. I like you on facebook as Susan Chester

  46. We visit a farm to get raw milk, and we go to the farmers market to buy veggies to support the farmers.

  47. We are buying our veggies from local farmers

  48. I am following on Facebook and I Love buying from our local farm

  49. For the past three year I have become a member of a farm share. I look forward to my trips to the farm every week.

  50. I am now following you on facebook.

  51. We visit the market days in our town once a month. I take the kids to a little local farm often. They have pigs, horses, chickens, a couple of goats and a bunny.

  52. I have been going to a farm for milk. I really dislike the big milk companies and how the cows are treated

  53. I follow you on Facebook…ali gibbs

  54. I shop at farmers markets!

  55. i try to purchase veggies from local farmers markets

  56. Our preschool director owns a farm so we go there often and pick our own vegetables. The boys love it!

  57. Following on Facebook

  58. I buy eggs from a coworker that farms her own eggs

  59. I like you on facebook

  60. I use farm grown animal products such as eggs in my cooking

  61. I am a Facebook follower!

  62. My husband and I use to have dairy, we still live in the country and have a garden. I would like to have some chickens.

  63. I follow you on Facebook

  64. my uncle farmed watermelons.

  65. We buy from farmer’s markets and trade days as often as possible. We love the country life and self-sufficiency.

  66. I have liked and am following on Facebook.

  67. We visit the Downtown Farmer’s Market, and buy local produce and products when we can to support local farmers.

  68. I grew up on a farm and everytime we visit my in laws I get to see the farm too. My husband’s dad raises pigs

  69. There is a farm close to our house that we get fresh eggs from and sometimes meat. Its amazing. <3

  70. I love to frequent the local farmers market. Everything tastes ten times better than the grocery stores.

  71. Liked your Facebook page.

  72. My cousin has a small farm just outside the city that we visit every summer and they produce lots of vegetables that we use in our cooking.

  73. Following on Facebook

  74. Not very much to be honest. We used to pick our own strawberries and apples at farms when I was little. They’re aren’t as many places like that around anymore. We do go to farmers markets, but I guess that doesn’t couldn’t since the farm comes to us.

  75. Following on Facebook!

  76. All of my relatives on my dad’s side of the family are farmers. I really like to help feed the cows and pigs when I go visit.

  77. I like the Art of Natural Living facebook page.

  78. We like to visit the farmers markets and buy fresh

  79. We buy fruits and vegetables from a local farm once a week during the growing season.

  80. I follow you on FB as Mj Gardner.

  81. I live in St Louis—in the middle. It is about 10 city-street-miles to the Farmer’s Market. We do not have a lot of direct connection to a farm. However, we have an abundant Community Garden for our small neighborhood! We are already looking for a place outside the city to retire.

  82. I like you on FB as Mary Beth Elderton

  83. I grew up in the country and was surrounded by farms growing up! There is nothing better than fresh milk and eggs! 🙂

  84. I follow on Facebook. 🙂 Lauryn Rescoe

  85. We are lucky enough to live somewhat near a local farm and buy all our fruits and veggies there! Even though its a 20 minute drive, its so worth supporting them, eating better, and teaching my children about farming and animal life, its well worth the weekly drive!

  86. I like Art of Natural Living on Facebook!

  87. I live in a somewhat rural area and we have a lot of small farms so we have a great farmer’s market with lots of veggies during the summer and a lot of crafty people all year long.

  88. Following you on Facebook

  89. I’m a teacher, and every year we take a field trip to a local farm to learn about the science behind all of the delicious food we eat!

  90. I’ve liked you on Facebook!

  91. To get more connected with local farms, we call and ask if we can bring our kids to tour! Most farmers love the idea and are more than willing to show us thier pride and joy!

  92. I liked the Art of Natural Living on Facebook!

  93. I am already a follower of Art of Natural Living on Facebook.

  94. To get closer to the farm we visit our local mennonites. They sale lots of items from their farm including friuts, vegtables, jams, and jellies. They also have a green house where we purchase flowers and a few plants for our small garden.

  95. We live in a rural area where there are a lot of farms and small acreages. There are several farmers markets locally, to buy fresh vegetables.

  96. We like to buy our meat from a farm that is close to us! You can get half a pig, or a quarter of a cow! It’s a lot of meat but it lasts in the freezer!

  97. I’ve enjoy going with my daughter in law with her nieces and nephews to our local pumpkin patch, which is also a farm with a petting zoo.

  98. I also follow on Face Book as Linda Kwolek.

  99. I buy eggs locally from a farm and try to buy from farms and family-run businesses online.

  100. I follow on facebook.

  101. We get milk and icecream from a local dairy farm.

  102. Last time I got physically close to a farm was a field trip in middle school where we went to visit one. Learned how to milk a cow and everything!

    Since then, I live in the city and don’t really get to hit up farms, though I have helped off and on at a community garden that grows vegetables, if that counts. And I like to connect and chat with the farmers at the local farmer’s market. . .

  103. I’m a FAcebook follower, too. 🙂

    (And I just remembered that I went to an apple orchard to pick apples a couple years back, which probably counts as getting close to a farm. LOL. Totally slipped my mind. And I’ve been blueberry picking not too far gone, too … anyway …)

  104. I live in the city so my closest reach to a farm would be our local farmers market. My husband and I have really been working to eat more healthy whole organic foods.

  105. Getting fresh eggs.

  106. We always get fresh eggs!

  107. I like you on fb!

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