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Sometimes you need to shake things up.  ‘Cause winter is coming.  Or you just got a year older (aarrghh).  So I was excited to try some new believe organics skincare products and offer a giveaway!

Believe Organics Skincare

believe organics Skincare

You see, this year (this month even) I decided I was going to stop getting older and start repeating years instead.  And so that no one would be the wiser, I even took my birthday off of Facebook.  

It all seemed to be working… until an old friend I hadn’t seen in decades, err, years posted a Happy Birthday Facebook message.  Soon, a good dozen others noticed–including a few who even figured out my intention ;-).  I guess there is no ageing incognito!

But at least I got a fun new “birthday present” from believe organics  believe-organics-logo

Regular readers know that I have a longstanding interest in natural bodycare products–and believe organics fits right in.  Even better, they have recently launched a new simple three-step skincare kit for radiant skin – the natural way! 

It starts with a clay based Cleansing Caviar which offers gentle cleansing and light exfoliation (note that reviewers on their site say it has helped with acne).  This is followed by a Clarifying Toner  to tighten pores, refresh and soften the skin. The final step is Facial Elixir,  a delicately scented blend of nourishing organic oils to balance the skin.  My skin hasn’t felt this young in years!  

Believe Organics Skincare Step 1

believe organics Skincare Step 1 – Cleansing Caviar

Did you catch the recent ban of many anti-bacterial soaps (NYTimes article here)?  Well, natural bodycare advocates could have told you that natural is better years ago! Many of your bodycare products may contain chemicals that can be absorbed through your skin!  In face, pharmaceutical companies produce drugs that are delivered this way (including hormone replacement skin patches).  

So if you are trying to live healthier by eating better but haven’t paid attention to your soaps, lotions and cosmetics, you are only part way there.  Check out this information packed discussion from the environmental working group to learn more.

Yes, it is much nicer to go with products like believe organics’ which are handcrafted in small batches from sustainable, wild harvested, fair trade, non-GMO and certified organic botanical ingredients!  I am enjoying mine and can offer the same to one lucky reader!

Believe Organics Skincare

believe organics Skincare

And now the giveaway for the believe organics 3 Steps Skincare Set (pictured above)!  Sponsored by believe organics, it is open to US residents and closes November 6, at midnight CST.  To enter, leave a comment below telling me how you are trying to live healthier this year.  For a second entry, follow Art of Natural Living on Pinterest and leave a second comment below letting me know you are a follower. The winner will be picked randomly, contacted by email and have 24 hours to get back to me with mailing information or a new winner will be chosen.





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  1. I’m trying to live healthier by making an effort to drink more water and less caffeine, plus I got a new gym membership.

  2. I’m following on Pinterest @4orangecrush

  3. Hi Inger, I am living better this year by cutting back on the amount of sugar I normally consume. Great giveaway!

  4. I am following you on pinterest @mysavoryspoon

  5. I am trying to be healthier by taking more walks during the day and getting plenty of sleep and eating organic.

  6. I do follow Art of Natural Living on Pinterest as @dipsy38

  7. I avoid all gmos. I read the labels and look for the non gmo verified butterfly.

  8. I am trying to drink more water.

  9. Following on Pinterest jessicamill4435

  10. I am incorporating essential oils into our families lives as well as a diet change for us all! Thank you!

  11. Following on pinterest vconway1175

  12. I’m trying to live healthier by eating better and meditating daily! Thank you!

  13. I’m following on pinterest! kes may!

  14. Pinter estate @ireetoopretty

  15. Drinking more water and eating smaller portions of food

  16. I keep my birthday on Facebook (because I love the birthday greetings) but have always keep my year of birth off!

  17. My goal to stay healthier has been trying to stay more hydrated. This is healthy is so many ways.

  18. Following on pinterest as fairlanejen

  19. I am trying to ice skate more to stay healthy. Thank you! I followed as iceyninja 🙂 I love your blog and you are a great writer!

  20. I am trying to cut down on the junk food that I keep in the house.

  21. I hate to be the one to break it to you, Inger, but Facebook never forgets. Totally frightening, actually, but I need it to keep up with grandkids. That’s my excuse anyway.

    I use Sisley products on my face, have for years. Would be afraid to try anything else, so don’t put me in the draw. Love giveaways though, used to do them once in a while but haven’t done one in ages.
    Have a great Sunday!

  22. I’m getting my routine check ups.

  23. I am trying to drink more water. I think that water is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Its hard to remember to drink enough in this busy life!

  24. I follow you on Pinterest! Branddawn37

  25. This year I’m drinking more water and taking vitamins!

  26. Follow you on pinterest @edyenicole

  27. I began running while my daughter is at dance classes throughout the week instead of hanging and playing with apps on my phone!

  28. I started eating gluten free

  29. I’m trying to be healthier by adding more fruit and vegetable to my diet.

  30. I follow on Pinterest @Wailea75

  31. I am eating healthier. I am also exercising daily.

  32. I am working on eating healthier and exercising more!

  33. I’m trying to live healthier by exercising every day, and by eating less processed foods.

  34. I do follow you on Pinterest.

  35. I am living healthier by exercising regularly in groups that I enjoy socially.

  36. I follow you on Pinterest.

  37. I’m trying to live healthier by snacking less and choosing healthier snack options.

  38. I follow on Pinterest farmermomwife

  39. I’m trying to work out more and eat better!

  40. I am trying live in an ordered room so that my thoughts stay clear. I am also trying to meditate daily to keep my stress levels under control!

  41. @nellymegs

  42. I’m trying to live better by eating better with more veggies and fresh, non-processed food.

  43. I am drinking more water and up until I lost my motivation I was walking to get more exercise. Hopefully I will get back on track soon.

  44. I have tried to get more exercise this year than the previous year. I need to step it up!

  45. I am trying to live healthier by eating less fried foods and drinking more water.

  46. Following on Pinterest @crudnick87

  47. We are living healthier in our home by eating organic and avoiding a lot of sugar. Feel better every day!

  48. Following on Pinterest! @debraspins

  49. I was diagnosed with skin cancer so I have been trying to use naturally derived protects that will protect my skin including daily sunblock and moisturizers.

  50. This year I have been working our 4 to 5 days a week doing water aerobics and I feel so much better and am more flexible, I have also finally dropped a few pounds.

  51. Following you on Pinterest

  52. I’m trying to eat more vegetables.

  53. I follow on pinterest @sparkly3

  54. I am trying to get as many chemicals out of my life as possible. I cook from scratch as much as possible. I either make all my beauty products as possible or buy organic and chemical free.

  55. I follow you on pinterest.

  56. I am trying to get more creative about my exercise now that it’s getting colder out.

  57. following on Pinterest as Marija (

  58. I am trying to live healthier by cutting unnecessary additives whenever possible.

  59. I am happy to follow the Art of Natural Living on Pinterest!

  60. I am making an effort to get healthier by drinking more water.

  61. I plan to be healthier this year by eating healthier and adding more fruits and veggies into my diet.

  62. I am trying to eat less junk food (candy bars, ice cream and etc.)

  63. I follow on pinterest as sweeper78.

  64. I am starting to track my exercise with a fitbit to hold myself accountable!

  65. I follow on Pinterest Currierm10

  66. I am drink more juice and eating more raw foods.

  67. I am following on 🙂 pintrest 🙂

  68. I’m trying to get the 8 glasses of water a day and I take a lot of vitamins.

  69. The pair I would most like to have to wear are the silver flats.

  70. Giving myself time to practice mindfulness. Cutting soda as well 😉

  71. I am trying to live healthier by eating better and working out more!

  72. i’m trying to be more active this winter. i’m very active in the spring and summer, but then become a total slug in the winter. This year, i’m going to work on exercising and staying active all winter long!

  73. I eat NO Processed foods!

  74. I follow on Pinterest




  77. Although I do lead a fairly healthy lifestyle, I am trying to live healthier by not eating as many sweets!

  78. I am trying to use more natural products.

  79. I am going to try and eat healthier and not let stress get to me!

  80. I follow on Pinterest!

  81. i mreally trying to eliminate sugarand add more water!

  82. I am trying to live healthier this year with adequate sleep.

  83. Im drinking more water and less sodas

  84. I follow you on pinterest as rochelle johnson

  85. better diet

  86. I’m trying to use more natural products.

  87. I’m trying to live healthier by eating right and exercising too.

  88. I plan on drinking a lot more water everyday.

  89. I Art of Natural Living on Pinterest

  90. I am trying to live healthier by exercising 5 days a week, eating lots of fruit & veggies, & switching to natural products!

  91. I am trying to live healthier by eating less junk food and eating healthier snacks. I am also trying to drink more water and be more active!

  92. I follow you on Pinterest! @daniellep134

  93. I have been focusing on cooking and eating healthy this year!

  94. I follow you on pinterest too! @petra3

  95. I am trying to live healthier this year by doing more exercise, eating more natural foods, and drinking more water

  96. I am following Art of Natural Living on Pinterest as name: fiona nuyen
    Thank You for the chance

  97. I’m cutting the negativity out of my life!

  98. I’m trying to make sure we eat all of our needed veggies each day!! And have a diet as organic and natural as possible.

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