Panorama of Milwaukee © Henryk Sadura

A Personal (Green) History


  • Joined the Milwaukee river cleanup in 1971 for the 2nd earth day, proudly donning the title of “river rat”
  • Watched my parents call in favors to get the car filled up during the oil embargo. Enduring fears of being homebound, I knew that if I might miss ballet, this was serious.
  • Lived with an alternative energy pioneer (my father).  Got to go in to school late for his appearance on the Today Show as the original inventor of the inverter that converts wind (solar, etc) power from DC to AC and runs it back to the power lines.


  • Learned to make whole wheat bread in my first apartment’s tiny kitchen.
  • As a newlywed, started my first kitchen garden in the flower beds of our rented flat (after carefully testing for lead)


  • Presaging today’s fear of plastics, searched for glass baby bottles
  • Joined my first CSA (subscription farm)—wonderful food, healthy and EASY!
  • Added a second CSA, more items from local farmers & a few buying clubs


  • Managed a career (IT Director), a family and natural living.  My kids count their veggies and turn off lights (more than half of the time).  We all wear sweaters and use flow restricting showerheads.
  • Discovered that other people were interested in what I had learned about living naturally (Can we do coffee?)


  • How did it get to be (more than) halfway through the decade???

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  1. Barbara O'Brien

    Dear Art of Natural Living,

    I just have a quick question for you but couldn’t find an email so had to resort to this. I am an environmental blogger. Please email me back at barbaraobrien@maacenter.org when you get a chance. Thanks.


  2. April

    I was hoping to speak with you via email as well, could you please respond accordingly?

    Thank you,

    Editorial Manager for PureNaturalDiva.com

  3. Aliza Rabinowitz

    Hi Inger,

    I would love to connect with you to discuss content opportunities for additional sustainable living articles for Art of Natural living

    Aliza Rabinowitz
    Partner Manager| Green Goes Simple

  4. photographypix

    i like your site and i really like what you did in the theme.. can i ask some help on my blog too? coz the feat. pix are not showing up.. i did the resizing.. but still it doesnt show up.. thanks

    1. Inger Wilkerson

      I took a look and it looks like your images are working now. I am not using the Inuit Types theme anymore since I gave up waiting for a fix (or actually the information that images needed to be 600px wide instead of 594). I am now using The Morning After, which I am quite happy with. If you have any other questions, let me know.

  5. Margaret B.

    Hi Inger — I couldn’t find an email link on your blog so I’m leaving a message here. Thanks for visiting me at we bloom here and saying hello/leaving a comment! So nice to have a look at your blog. Lovely recipes!

    Best wishes,

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    1. Inger

      What an interesting project. I’ve always meant to try wool dryer balls–these sound even better!