Dec 9, 2012

Original Betty Crocker French Apple Pie (with an efficiency trick!)

Do you have any great childhood food memories?  Some dishes so special you could never tamper with them?  One of my favorites is the original Betty Crocker French Apple Pie, which my mother made every fall, straight from the cookbook.  The tartness of the apples, contrasted with the sweetness of the streusel topping always seemed to make the perfect cool … Continue reading

Pumpkin Spice Latter

Nov 19, 2012

All Natural Pumpkin Spice Latte (50% of Vitamin A!)

The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte has been getting a lot of buzz lately.  Nothing like a reported pumpkin syrup shortage to start a craze! As regular readers will testify I am already a bit pumpkin obsessed and have done (5-minute, diet!) pumpkin pie as well as soup in a pumpkin this blogging season, but mixing pumpkin with coffee (another obsession … Continue reading

Pumpkin Leek Soup Baked in a Pumpkin

Nov 13, 2012

Savory Pumpkin Leek Soup (Baked in a Pumpkin)

Whew, last week was wild!  But not so wild I didn’t have time to try a new recipe for Pumpkin Soup… baked right in a pumpkin!  Now most of the pumpkin soups that I’ve had have been curried or sweetened but this one was very different–a bit like a savory French Onion Soup with pumpkin added.  Mmmm! But first back … Continue reading

Apple Pie Muffin

Dec 7, 2011

A New Favorite Muffin: Apple Pie Streusel

I want to be in Yummy Chunklet’s carpool. Author of one of my favorite blogs, she recently featured an “Apple Pie Muffin” that she had been “seeing around”.  Since I am flush with apples (after buying a giant box of seconds which I cored, sliced and froze for baking), these were a muffin I had to try. When I first … Continue reading

Hot Spiced Cider

Nov 22, 2011

Hot Spiced Cider

Hot apple cider is almost synonymous with autumn.  My earliest memories center around an outdoor fall festival in Sister Bay, WI, strolling packed streets in anticipation of falling ping pong balls (dropped from helicopter) and vendors selling harvest wares.  As your breath steamed and you silently thanked Mom for mandating gloves, you’d be lucky to pass a hot cider vendor … Continue reading