Mar 29, 2013

(Partly) Organic Homemade Peeps (Really!)

I did it!  This girl who can’t make a cut-out cookie (unless ugly counts) made homemade peeps.  It was really quite easy (after I got past the first batch of burnt sugar).     Marshmallow has been a thorn in my side for years.  We try to eat as organic as possible and marshmallows contain gelatin and heaven knows what … Continue reading

Easter Oatmeal M&M Blondie

Mar 4, 2013

Oatmeal M&M Blondies (for, um, really early Easter?)

Easter is now  about a month away–and I’ve already baked Oatmeal M&M Blondies for the occasion. I admit that I normally leave anything holiday-ish until–oh, about 30 seconds before the date, which means that none of my readers really has time to try it (my apologizes).   But the pastel M&Ms in the holiday candy aisle lured me in and who … Continue reading

striped squill in egg cup vase

Apr 6, 2012

Spring Flowers in Egg Cups (for the Non-Crafty)

I love all of the really cute crafty things people do in the spring.  From the decorated cookies to the place cards with duckies to the floral centerpieces… But when it comes to crafting, I am not talented.  Last Easter,  I bought fancy icings, cute cookie cutters and pastry bags with decorating tips and decided to make beautiful cookies with … Continue reading

Apr 2, 2012

More Natural Easter Egg Dyes

I have been dying Easter Eggs naturally for years. It’s fun and easy–and I always feel more in touch with nature and the returning spring!   Beets for pink, red cabbage for blue and Turmeric for yellow.  With the primary colors covered, you can do anything…  (directions are at the bottom of this post) Not wanting to rest on past successes, … Continue reading