Satisfying & light, a Grasshopper Ice Cream Drink makes a perfect dessert--sweet, rich & minty. There's always room for ice cream!

Mar 15, 2017

Grasshopper Ice Cream Drink

St Patrick’s Day is coming!  Full of droning bagpipes, bouncy dancers and everything green.  Plus some things minty, like today’s Grasshopper Ice Cream Drink.   With festivities everywhere, two of my daughters set out in search of a mint shake and came back complaining.  They had to go to two MacDonald’s to find a working shake machine.  Fast food?  No sympathies from me! … Continue reading

Irish Coffee Creme Brulee Served

Mar 16, 2016

Irish Coffee Creme Brulee

You can tell an obsessed blogger by the repetitive posts.  Yes, today I’m making an Irish Coffee Crème Brulee for St Patrick’s Day–right after my basic vanilla creme brulee.  Would it help if I told you I feel guilty about double desserts?  Fish or vegetables next time, cross my heart!   But this dessert is a testament to just how easy … Continue reading

Guinness Lamb Shanks on Platter

Mar 15, 2015

Guinness Lamb Shanks

This weekend I wanted to make something to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Since I had lamb shanks in the freezer, I decided on Guinness Lamb Shanks. That would make this year unique!  In college I spent a semester in Ireland but only ate lamb once or twice. Still I knew I loved it and when I got my first freezer … Continue reading

Mar 15, 2014

Irish Coffee & a Headcold

With St Patrick’s Day coming up, I am trying to decide how to celebrate!  In my youth, this week was full of dancing and revelry, but now I may settle for a nice Irish Coffee! I still remember the first time I tasted this classic drink.  I was a college student spending a semester in Dublin and firmly committed to … Continue reading

mint biscotti on platter

Mar 10, 2013

Double Chocolate Mint Biscotti (in Shamrock Green)

A few weeks ago I baked some biscotti for a school event.  They were all sans chocolate per the event restrictions. Trouble is, this gave me a terrible craving tor chocolate biscotti. Finally I made some chocolate espresso biscotti but they weren’t quite what I hoped for.  And so the craving continued… Today I decided to remedy that with Chocolate … Continue reading

Lemon Lavender Shortbread

Sep 15, 2012

Lemon Lavender Shortbread Cookies

Inspiration can be surprising and happy–and years in the making.  Even for something simple like a (Lemon Lavender Shortbread) cookie. This particular idea began two summers ago, when my oldest had a summer job at a natural restaurant (the Wild Tomato) in a local tourist town.   One day, after a lovely summer lunch, we I split a lemon lavender cupcake … Continue reading

Mar 16, 2012

Irish Brown Soda Bread

I first tasted Irish Soda bread when I was 18.  After years of spending vacations at the family cabin, my father opened up the checkbook and took the whole family abroad.  We collected notable family stories and even brought back a recipe or two. Among the beautiful hills of Killarney, Mrs O’Malley, our B&B hostess, offered my mother her recipe … Continue reading

Mar 13, 2012

(Organic!) Homemade Irish Cream

St Patrick’s Day is coming!  In my youth, I was an Irish dancer and spent the holiday traveling from bar to bar, dropping into bed exhausted. Now that I’m older, I plan to spend the evening more simply, reading by the fire with a glass of Irish Cream.  (After driving the kids from event to event and before dropping into … Continue reading

Currant Scones

Apr 27, 2011

Scones for a Royal Wedding

The upcoming royal wedding has captured the attention of the world.  Always a romantic, I am excited about the event and nostalgic about the last royal wedding, which I remember well.  When Charles and Diana wed, 30 years ago, I was a newly fledged professional in my first real job.  In the days before DVR, I got up early to … Continue reading