Cider Chicken & Noodles on table

Apr 24, 2016

Cider Chicken & Noodles

Dear Spring.  Can you come back—and stay?  April has been a month of highs and lows—70’s, then 30’s, radiant sun, insane snow. Yes, for the roller coaster of April, a body needs need comfort food.  So I decided to try a version of a dish I remember from childhood, Cider Chicken & Noodles.  Reliving childhood food = I can make … Continue reading

Nov 23, 2015

Spiced Cider Syrup (Instant Hot Apple Cider)

Now that we’ve had a few cold days, I can feel winter in the air. I love the change of seasons (especially when it follows a long autumn) with winter’s promise of snowdrifts and sugarplums. Winter is especially nice if you serve it up with a warm drink like hot spiced cider. Made from freshly pressed apple juice, warmed with … Continue reading

Scandinavian Apple Cake, Served

May 17, 2015

Scandinavian Apple Cake

Can you think of a better excuse for (multiple) desserts than a holiday brunch? I can’t. But after making (somewhat indulgent) mini mocha cheesecakes for Mother’s Day, I decided I should do something a little healthier too. So I made a Scandinavian Apple Cake.  Even though apple season is over, I have a tub of frozen, sliced apples in my … Continue reading

Nov 16, 2014

Apple Pomegranate Salad & Serving Spoons Giveaway

I admit it.  I am starting to think about Christmas.  Just a little.  I blame it on the lateness of Thanksgiving, but I believe it never hurts to start your planning early.  Especially if your shopping list has one of those “people who have everything” on it.  If you do, read on for a great idea–and a recipe for Apple … Continue reading

Oct 17, 2013

In Search of the Wild House Mouse (and a Fall Cocktail)

I got my first mouse about a month ago. Not on purpose, however, and not in a pet cage.  I got it with a broom. I am still shaking and it’s taken me this long to get the story on paper. The reason for so much distress from a tiny creature?  Well, buried in my memory is an old news … Continue reading

Dec 9, 2012

Original Betty Crocker French Apple Pie (with an efficiency trick!)

Do you have any great childhood food memories?  Some dishes so special you could never tamper with them?  One of my favorites is the original Betty Crocker French Apple Pie, which my mother made every fall, straight from the cookbook.  The tartness of the apples, contrasted with the sweetness of the streusel topping always seemed to make the perfect cool … Continue reading

Apple Pie Muffin

Dec 7, 2011

A New Favorite Muffin: Apple Pie Streusel

I want to be in Yummy Chunklet’s carpool. Author of one of my favorite blogs, she recently featured an “Apple Pie Muffin” that she had been “seeing around”.  Since I am flush with apples (after buying a giant box of seconds which I cored, sliced and froze for baking), these were a muffin I had to try. When I first … Continue reading

Hot Spiced Cider

Nov 22, 2011

Hot Spiced Cider

Hot apple cider is almost synonymous with autumn.  My earliest memories center around an outdoor fall festival in Sister Bay, WI, strolling packed streets in anticipation of falling ping pong balls (dropped from helicopter) and vendors selling harvest wares.  As your breath steamed and you silently thanked Mom for mandating gloves, you’d be lucky to pass a hot cider vendor … Continue reading

cranberry apple crisp

Oct 26, 2011

Cranberry Apple Crisp… Au Natural

Sweet and tart are a marvelous combination.  The tart refreshes, while the sweet pulls you into its magic. The ultimate fall blend may be apples and cranberries.  Even the colors cooperate—pale apple flesh setting off crimson berries. An easy way to meld these tastes is apple cranberry crisp. For efficiency, I’ve even stopped peeling the apples (hence my au natural … Continue reading

Scandinavian Vodka Cider

Apr 1, 2010

The Last of the Winter Wine

The change in seasons is bittersweet.  Here in Wisconsin, the month of March personifies this, displaying budding snowdrops above snow-dusted ground.  With an excitement for the new and a sadness for things left behind, it is a ritual transition that I love and hate. This year I did a winter-themed dinner as a rite of passage and invited the farmers from … Continue reading