Sugar Plum Martini

Dec 22, 2016

Sugar Plum Martini

It’s the Christmas season—what can I say?   Part of me wanted to create a whole suite of Nutcracker themed martinis!  But in the end, I went with just one, a  Sugar Plum Martini, sans fairy even.   All of this took me back to a very distant memory–of real, actual, sugar plums.  One long-ago Christmas, my father brought home an expensive … Continue reading

Valentines Prosecco Cocktail

Feb 8, 2015

Ruby Prosecco Cocktail

When I first read about this Prosecco Cocktail (on the Comfort of Cooking Blog), I thought of Christmas. Flavored with cranberry and orange, the drink perfectly celebrates the flavors of the season.  But it was so pretty, with its rosy-red color and sparkling bubbles, I decided to make it for Valentine’s Day. I’d even serve it at a winter brunch–as … Continue reading

Nov 29, 2014

Cranberry Swirl Muffins (or Jam Swirl, or…)

Thanksgiving and the harvest season have just passed–which means that most American refrigerators and cupboards are full.  Do you have an abundance of leftover cranberry sauce?  A bonanza of canned jam?  Well these Cranberry Swirl Muffins (or Peach Jam Muffins or…) may be just what you need.  The origin of this recipe really began a few years ago, when I … Continue reading

Cranberry Streusel Tart

Nov 25, 2012

When Life Gives you Cranberry Sauce… Make Cranberry (Streusel) Tart

I’d like to have a really good excuse for having two cups of leftover cranberry sauce.  Like I hosted a giant Thanksgiving party and still had lots of food when everyone left… stuffed. Alas my leftovers were due to poor planning.  One of my CSAs delivered a package of partly frozen cranberries.  Rather than freeze them immediately, I let them … Continue reading

May 10, 2012

Cornmeal Muffins, Cranberries Optional

You can’t tell it from the muffins, but insanity prevails in our household.  It happens every year. Daughter #3 has six concerts over the next two weeks (with associated extra rehearsals), plus regular lessons and a full honors schedule at school.  #2 is doing two sports, ballet and four AP courses, which means two practices a night, meets, banquets and … Continue reading

Nov 23, 2011

Ten Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas (and an Announcement)

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  It is an occasion that I have never hosted (perhaps this helps make it a favorite 😉 ) but I’ve been known to make a Thanksgiving style dinner on an ordinary day–just for the heck of it. You see I am seriously in love with leftovers.  Not where you eat the same thing … Continue reading

Nov 18, 2011

Simple Delicious Cranberry Sauce: 3 Ingredients!

My sister first passed along the secret.  Homemade cranberry sauce is a snap.  Tart and sweet at the same time, I have been known to eat it by the spoonful. Since we like to eat organic—and often prefer less sugar than commercial brands use, making my own seemed the way to go.  Can you even find organic cranberry sauce? Cranberry … Continue reading

cranberry apple crisp

Oct 26, 2011

Cranberry Apple Crisp… Au Natural

Sweet and tart are a marvelous combination.  The tart refreshes, while the sweet pulls you into its magic. The ultimate fall blend may be apples and cranberries.  Even the colors cooperate—pale apple flesh setting off crimson berries. An easy way to meld these tastes is apple cranberry crisp. For efficiency, I’ve even stopped peeling the apples (hence my au natural … Continue reading

Oct 21, 2011

Fall Means Quick Cranberry Bread

Everyone has a favorite old recipe or two they haven’t made in years. It’s always fun when something causes you to pull them out again. Today my incentive was provided by Louise of Months of Edible Celebrations who decided to throw a cookbook party!  Since October is National Cranberry Month, that would be my starting point. When the cranberries arrive … Continue reading