Citrus Salad with Blue Cheese is sweet & bright for winter. And with lettuce, fruit & cheese, it’s extra healthy when it counts!

Jan 26, 2017

Citrus Salad with Blue Cheese

It’s okay to fail.  Sometimes it’s even positive. You see, if every batch of my new marmalade had worked, I wouldn’t have created this delicious Citrus Salad with Blue Cheese.  Yes, this month I made my first marmalade—three batches of it.  And one of them failed.  The flavor was good, but it was syrupy rather than gel-like.  What to do … Continue reading

Jan 22, 2017

Orange Cranberry Marmalade

Whew, winter’s having a year.  Flooding on the west coast, crippling ice storms, ugly drab in the upper Midwest (which I’ll take over the other two).  I hear even Europe’s suffering.  Would some Orange Cranberry Marmalade help?  I stumbled across a fun “event” a couple weeks ago.  The blog, Food in Jars, is running a year-long canning challenge for readers … Continue reading

Spiced Orange Curd on Gingerbread Scones

Dec 7, 2015

Holiday Spiced Orange Curd

Every December I get organic oranges from one of my CSAs.  For a Wisconsin CSA, it’s a surprising bounty–and this year I am going to preserve some of the freshness by making Spiced Orange Curd.  The holiday orange deliveries started years ago with the CSA’s beekeeper.  After pollinating summer crops in the north, the bees moved south to a Florida … Continue reading

Creasmsicle Martini Closeup

May 9, 2015

A Brunch Creamsicle Martini & a Giveaway

This year I wanted to do something  a little different for Mother’s Day brunch. The food always includes some new dishes but after many (many) years of mimosas, it was starting to feel like a beverage rut. So this year I am making Creamsicle Martinis.  The inspiration behind this shakeup comes from Nielsen-Massey, premier producer of fine vanilla products. They … Continue reading

Valentines Prosecco Cocktail

Feb 8, 2015

Ruby Prosecco Cocktail

When I first read about this Prosecco Cocktail (on the Comfort of Cooking Blog), I thought of Christmas. Flavored with cranberry and orange, the drink perfectly celebrates the flavors of the season.  But it was so pretty, with its rosy-red color and sparkling bubbles, I decided to make it for Valentine’s Day. I’d even serve it at a winter brunch–as … Continue reading

Feb 17, 2014

Orange Currant Bread

Carbs, for all their bad press, really make the best comfort food.  Pasta, bread, potatoes… How about a tender homemade loaf, slightly sweet, and flavored with currants and orange?  After I made candied orange peel as part of my use oranges to make winter sunshine campaign, I needed to figure out what to do with it–enter Orange Currant Bread.  Of … Continue reading

Orange Cranberry Chutney with Curry

Feb 5, 2014

Orange Cranberry Chutney — Winter Preserving

Every year, I try to increase my local eating–so this year I did a lot of canning!  It was so much fun and the only downside was the fact that the bountiful fall got a little frenzied.  Yes  I was soooo ready for the first frost (strange as that seems now in this wild winter). But now I miss it–every … Continue reading

Coconut Orange Tart

Jan 21, 2014

Easy Coconut Orange Tart

It was summer when I bookmarked the recipe that inspired my Orange Coconut Tart.  I figured I would try it when the oranges came in this winter.    My version is simpler to make than the original and uses a coconut “custard” instead of vanilla.  Paired with sliced oranges, the coconut had a tropical feeling that almost transported us away … Continue reading

Orange Scones with Tea

Jan 18, 2014

Sunshine Orange Scones

When I posted my recipe for Candied Orange Peels, I promised recipes for using them. With my scone-making daughter headed back to school next week, I decided I’d better make hay (or scones) while the sun shines.  This is a variation on an old currant scone recipe from daughter #1, so I set her to work on these.  It was … Continue reading

Candied orange peel in a jar

Jan 14, 2014

Candied Orange Peel — Winter Preserving

Last week I made Orange Cranberry Chutney (recipe in an upcoming post) and had lots of fun canning.  It all started with a case of oranges… fresh up from Florida via one of my CSAs.   I ended up with a lot of peel left over–perfect for making candied orange peel!  Hooray for winter preserving! I had never made candied orange … Continue reading