Winter Pine Branch Arrangement

Dec 16, 2012

(Easy and Economical) Winter Pine Branch Arrangement

Do you have some last minute holiday decorating to do?  If the answer is “yes,” how about a homemade winter pine branch arrangement?  It’s can be an easy and inexpensive way to bring some “fresh” indoors for the season. I got the idea many years ago when my stepfather had a knee replacement right before Christmas.  One of his “get … Continue reading

Apr 22, 2012

10 Reasons to Plant a Tree–on Earth Day, or Any Day

To celebrate Earth Day, we planted eight tiny trees! Last fall I enjoyed harvesting and juicing wild grapes, and came away inspired to add more fruit to my young collection of berries.  So this spring, two plum, elderberry, mulberry and winterberry holly (for winter centerpieces) plants were shipped bare root from a Michigan nursery to our back yard. A few … Continue reading

striped squill in egg cup vase

Apr 6, 2012

Spring Flowers in Egg Cups (for the Non-Crafty)

I love all of the really cute crafty things people do in the spring.  From the decorated cookies to the place cards with duckies to the floral centerpieces… But when it comes to crafting, I am not talented.  Last Easter,  I bought fancy icings, cute cookie cutters and pastry bags with decorating tips and decided to make beautiful cookies with … Continue reading

Apr 2, 2012

More Natural Easter Egg Dyes

I have been dying Easter Eggs naturally for years. It’s fun and easy–and I always feel more in touch with nature and the returning spring!   Beets for pink, red cabbage for blue and Turmeric for yellow.  With the primary colors covered, you can do anything…  (directions are at the bottom of this post) Not wanting to rest on past successes, … Continue reading

Christmas doorknob bear

Dec 23, 2010

No Doorknob Left Unadorned (and Other Christmas Images)

If I had tried to predict what I would include in a Christmas blog post, it would have been food.   Baked goods with peppermint, soups with rosemary and anything roasted.  Perhaps it is the mini-diet I just finished or my malfunctioning oven (stay tuned for my story of cooking for 18 on Christmas Eve without a real oven), but there is not a food shot … Continue reading