Apr 22, 2016

10 Ways to Raise Kids Who Care About the Planet

Q: How are renewable power plants… like people who enjoy going to the beach? A:  They all like sun, wind and water       (From Energy Kids)  Earth Day is here again and today I decided to reflect on how to raise kids who care about the planet.  Since kids are our future this is important.  But while you’re at it, there’s … Continue reading

A pruner can help in harvesting wild grapes

Oct 16, 2015

Stalking the Wild Grape

Found food. As in food you find–right out in nature.  Organic. Healthy. Free even. How good is that? When my daughter announced she had found a large patch of wild grapes, right along the bike path, I was excited.  You see, I had discovered the pleasure of wild grapes a few years ago.  Small and tart, wild grapes are great … Continue reading

All Natural Easter Eggs

Apr 3, 2015

Ad-Libbing All Natural Easter Eggs

Easter is… in TWO DAYS. Eeeck!  Life has been seriously out of control lately. Everything I own seems to be giving out–furnace replaced two weeks ago, laptop replaced last week (still working on that transition), website host changed this week, and stove waiting for the repairman. I could go on, but I know you really didn’t come to hear a … Continue reading

Jan 17, 2015

Post Holiday Natural Soapmaking

Were your holidays as busy as mine? The fun, activity filled whirlwind is finally fading away and I am excited to get back to some project work again. And helping me out on this goal is a fun and useful book that I received from publisher Robert Rose: The Best Natural Homemade Soaps: 40 Recipes for Olive Oil-Based Soaps. Have … Continue reading

Calico Cat

Oct 23, 2014

Autumn. Or Grab a Mouse First Thing in the Morning and …

You can tell it’s fall by the beautiful colors.  The bountiful harvests.  The mice trying to sneak in the house for winter.   The “grab a mouse” part of the title comes from a bookmark I got in college which said, “Eat a frog first thing in the morning…  and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the … Continue reading

Aug 8, 2014

My First Trip to New York City

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I think I have a good excuse.  I just took my first trip to New York City!  My husband had a conference there so one of our daughters and I decided to tag along.  How much fun can you cram into 3 1/2 days?

M&M Cookies in a Jar, Stacked Up

Apr 18, 2014

M&M Cookies in a Jar (with Printable Tags)

Need a last minute idea for an Easter (or any other occasion) gift?  How about M&M Cookies in a Jar?  These are going into my kids’ Easter baskets this year. It started with the commitment to eat (mostly) out of my pantry this month.  I had already bought the holiday colored M&M’s so this seemed like a perfect addition.  By … Continue reading

Homemade marshmallow s'more

Aug 13, 2013

(Organic!) Homemade Campfire Marshmallows

If you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s not too hard to eat organic.  But there are always exceptions.  For us, one of these has been marshmallows.  Okay I admit this isn’t one of life’s bigger problems… but it was a fun challenge to solve! Last Easter I made homemade Peeps, those sugar coated marshmallow duckies and bunnies that … Continue reading

Cheese Sampling at the American Cheese Society Converence

Aug 7, 2013

Ten Things You Always Wanted to Know About Cheese

Cheese, I think most people would agree, is one of the finer things in life!  On August 1 – 4, I had the good fortune to attend the American Cheese Society’s Annual Conference in Madison, WI.  Three days of eating cheese and going to cheese classes–does it get any better than that? Held at the beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright designed … Continue reading