A Summer Natural Reading Collection

May 20, 2016

A Summer Natural Reading Collection & a Giveaway

I love the concept of a hope chest.  It’s old-fashioned but also anticipatory and optimistic.  Store up some well-loved, handmade goods and wait until the time is right to set off on a new (married) life. I have my own married-lady version of a hope chest–a natural reading collection that I use to inspire fun and useful projects!   My eyes … Continue reading

Vanilla Plum Muffin, served

Apr 12, 2015

Vanilla Plum Muffins

Can I blame Martha Stewart for my diet failures? After all it was her PBS show that got me thinking about plum muffins. In the end I converted her recipe to something a bit healthier–less sugar, less fat, all whole wheat (pastry) flour—and still tasty enough to make twice in a row. So I guess I can’t complain after all. … Continue reading

Draining buttermilk from homemade butter

Oct 26, 2014

Making Homemade Butter

I have been making homemade butter for over a decade.  It’s always interesting to see the variety of internet information on the subject, but let me tell you a secret. Instructions like, “Pour cream into a jar and shake until it turns into butter” are not a serious take on butter making–unless you are talking a fifth grade history lesson. … Continue reading

Muffin Close Up

May 5, 2013

Blueberry Lemon Sugar Muffins

Have you read the good press about blueberries?  Loaded with antioxidants, studies have shown that blueberries may improve memory, blood pressure, cholesterol and more.  A while back, I put them on my list of things to eat more often, then made blueberry muffins and bought blueberry jam.  After which my kids announced that they hate blueberry jam. And that is … Continue reading

Sugared Nuts in a Dish

May 3, 2013

Super Simple Sugared Nuts

They say that necessity is the mother of invention–and perhaps it’s the mother of reinvention as well.  But when I needed glazed nuts for an upcoming salad recipe, I almost did something bad. I almost added them to my shopping list.  Never mind that I have a 5 lb box of walnuts in the freezer.  Which was getting old.  Or … Continue reading

Hot Vegetable DIp - Art of Natural Living

May 1, 2013

Kitchen Cupboard Spring Cleaning Challenge (and Vegetable Dip Recipe)

It’s spring.  At last!  Hooray! And what do we associate with spring?  Spring Cleaning! Now in the interest of full disclosure I have never spring-cleaned in my life, unless you count the garden, but it could happen.  This year, however,  I AM going to do some spring cleaning of a different sort–I am cleaning out my kitchen cupboards (and freezer, … Continue reading

Granola Bar Cookies

Apr 26, 2013

Melt and Stir Granola Bar Cookies

Earlier this year we were going through a lot of treats.  Five dozen baked goods for the school musical,  four dozen for children’s choir and “we’ll take whatever we can get” for swim club (you know how hungry those athletes get)! In deciding what to bake, I tested the “Oatmeal Scotch Teas” from my youth and they made a big … Continue reading

Asparagus Pickles

Apr 22, 2013

Pickled Asparagus for a Food Swap

Happy Earth Day!  To celebrate I made some pickled asparagus.  Doesn’t that sound like more fun than cleaning out a polluted river, my first Earth Day “celebration”? In truth, cleaning up the river was fun, venturing out with the high school ecology club.  And the origin of the pickled asparagus idea was only partly from Earth Day.  What kind of … Continue reading

Asparagus Frittata with Salad

Apr 14, 2013

Spring Asparagus Frittata for Type A Cooks (and Everyone Else)

If you were to pull together a dish that exudes spring, what ingredients would you include?   Asparagus?  Eggs?  Fresh herbs?   Sounds like a frittata to me! Did you know that frittatas are quick, easy and versatile?  (Emphasis on “quick” for the type “A”s) Mother’s Day brunch?  Serve a frittata.  Light one pan dinner?  Frittata.  Breakfast that includes a serving of … Continue reading