Sweet, tart and refreshing, rhubarb lemonade is the perfect spring beverage either from your garden or a fun farm market trip.

May 15, 2017

Celebrate Spring with Rhubarb Lemonade

Gotta love spring!  After the cold dark of winter, nothing beats May’s long days and mellow temperatures.  And I am celebrating with a tart, seasonal Rhubarb Lemonade!   If there is one downside to spring, it’s that there isn’t a lot to harvest (at least in the north).  But what you find can be amazing.  Woodsy morels, garlicky ramps and … Continue reading

Rosy and sweet, this blood orange vodka spritzer even contains antioxidant filled tart cherry juice. Does that make it a health food?

Apr 6, 2017

Blood Orange Vodka Spritzer

Recently I got a request—could I create a drink for a Breast Cancer fundraiser?  Um, yes!  How about a Blood Orange Vodka Spritzer?  Rosy and sweet, it seemed perfect for a cause associated with pink!   Now my Blood Orange Vodka Spritzer isn’t technically brand new, but I was holding it in reserve for a special occasion. My daughter and I created … Continue reading

Satisfying & light, a Grasshopper Ice Cream Drink makes a perfect dessert--sweet, rich & minty. There's always room for ice cream!

Mar 15, 2017

Grasshopper Ice Cream Drink

St Patrick’s Day is coming!  Full of droning bagpipes, bouncy dancers and everything green.  Plus some things minty, like today’s Grasshopper Ice Cream Drink.   With festivities everywhere, two of my daughters set out in search of a mint shake and came back complaining.  They had to go to two MacDonald’s to find a working shake machine.  Fast food?  No sympathies from me! … Continue reading

Feb 19, 2017

Botswanan Iced Tea

Wow, it’s been a strange year for weather.  But I wasn’t about to complain when it topped 50 in Wisconsin this week.  It almost felt like spring.  Time for a warm weather beverage–Botswanan Iced Tea!   I got my first taste of Botswanan Iced Tea at book club this month.  Our hostess had just returned from a trip to Africa where … Continue reading

Sugar Plum Martini

Dec 22, 2016

Sugar Plum Martini

It’s the Christmas season—what can I say?   Part of me wanted to create a whole suite of Nutcracker themed martinis!  But in the end, I went with just one, a  Sugar Plum Martini, sans fairy even.   All of this took me back to a very distant memory–of real, actual, sugar plums.  One long-ago Christmas, my father brought home an expensive … Continue reading

Dec 1, 2016

White Peppermint Bark Martini (& Notes from the Martini Lab)

What’s more fun than a holiday dinner?  How about a holiday dinner that includes a martini lab?  This year, with daughters home early (hooray!) for Thanksgiving, I invited over my sister-in-law and put a ham in the oven.  After a casual dinner, we set to mixing up holiday martinis, including the White Peppermint Bark Martini featured today.  Now this isn’t … Continue reading

Top Note Tonic Ginger Jack

Nov 16, 2016

Top Note Tonics, Ginger Jack Cocktail & More

When I was first heard about Top Note Tonics (the sponsor of this post), I didn’t know what to expect.  But then I learned that you could mix their flavored tonic waters with fizzy water for a light soda.  Or with alcohol for a tasty cocktail.  And I was so in.   Yes, the holidays are coming (cocktails).  Followed by diet … Continue reading

Elderflower Cordial

Jul 13, 2016

Elderflower Cordial (Elderflower Syrup)

  I was hungry and tired and my spirits were low,   For I got neither whiskey nor cordial. I hadn’t heard the old Irish folksong in years, but making Elderflower Cordial brought it back. Although I doubt the down-on-his-luck farmhand was thinking of non-alcoholic elderflower cordial, I like a straight fruit or flower syrup which gives me the option … Continue reading

A Peach Bellini on the Deck

Jun 12, 2016

Refreshing Peach Bellini

Ready for some summer entertaining? Whether it’s brunch or drinks on the deck, a fruity cocktail can add flavor and flair to your event. Why not take advantage of one of the great fruits of summer, and make a sweet and tasty Peach Bellini?   A Peach Bellini is a cocktail made from pureed peaches and, traditionally, Prosecco, though other sparkling … Continue reading

Sorbet & Champagne Cocktail

Dec 30, 2015

Sorbet and Champagne Cocktail

Don’t you love foods that can do double duty?  Buy it for one purpose… then get inspired!  Take sorbet for example.  You can feed it to a sick child (or a teen who just had their wisdom teeth out—ahem) or you can add it to Champagne or Prosecco for a festive New Year’s (or other special occasion) drink.  Or Mom … Continue reading