Marinated homemade feta cheese

Dec 14, 2013

Extra Milk? Make Homemade Feta Cheese

Last week I made homemade feta cheese.  It arose out of a pre-Thanksgiving decision to buy extra milk.  With a couple kids home from college and Grandma visiting, I figured we’d go through a couple gallons more. Wrong.  We were even full up on milk jam (a caramel syrup made from milk and sugar), which is my kids’ first choice … Continue reading

Strawberry Pancakes, Served

Jul 8, 2013

Organic Strawberry Syrup and Pancakes (or…)

It’s strawberry season!  And after two years of modest harvests the fields are overflowing–what a welcome sight! And so I bought 4 cases from my CSA. For the detail oriented, that’s 60 lbs.  We gorged ourselves, froze berries, dipped berries in chocolate,  made three varieties of jam (recipes next year, I promise), then wondered what to do next. Hmmm, make … Continue reading

Milk Jam Caramel Ice Cream Sundae

Feb 5, 2013

Caramel-y Milk Jam (or Dulce de Leche)

Milk jam. Or Dulce de Leche. Now eating milk jam sounds truly wholesome… almost cozy… a treat spooned out of a vintage jar at a farmhouse table.  Dulce de Leche, on the other hand, feels more exotic and alluring–like a seductive temptation on a sultry night. Musical fans may remember a famous scene from Guys and Dolls.  The leading lady … Continue reading

Jan 12, 2013

Easy Homemade Italian Breadcrumbs

Do you ever have days when a single missing ingredient means a special trip to the grocery store?   The last time I served eggplant parmesan, I needed breadcrumbs–and it was maddening.  So when my recent tea sandwiches left me with bread crusts, I decided to make homemade Italian breadcrumbs.  Kind of like getting free (really tasty) food–and it was soooo … Continue reading

Nov 18, 2011

Simple Delicious Cranberry Sauce: 3 Ingredients!

My sister first passed along the secret.  Homemade cranberry sauce is a snap.  Tart and sweet at the same time, I have been known to eat it by the spoonful. Since we like to eat organic—and often prefer less sugar than commercial brands use, making my own seemed the way to go.  Can you even find organic cranberry sauce? Cranberry … Continue reading

Making Pickles

Jul 20, 2011

From Cucumber to Hamburger Dill

Midsummer (def):  the point where the inflow of seasonal produce exceeds your ability to consume it.  Cucumber solution:  Hamburger Dills I have been a CSA subscriber for over 15 years and have learned a lot about how to deal with boxes of vegetables.  Instead of composting the excess, I turn kale into chips (I can personally eat an entire bunch once it … Continue reading