May 21, 2017

Amber Necklace Review and Giveaway

Recently I got an offer to do a review and giveaway from a small company called Spark of Amber.  I was excited–I love supporting small businesses—and the Amber necklace they sent me is beautiful!   Amber is a fossilized tree resin that has been prized since prehistoric times for its depth and beauty. It is used in jewelry and decorative items and … Continue reading

Shower Bombs

Jan 2, 2017

Shower Bomb Giveaway (Start the New Year… Cozy)

It’s a cold winter’s night.  I am sipping the hottest of cocoas and snuggled under down as I type.  Just past the deep dark of the winter solstice, wouldn’t it be warming to relax in a deep fragrant bath?  Alas, I have to accept myself as a shower kinda’ gal.  The relaxation part sure sounds nice, but my to-do list … Continue reading

Believe Organics Skincare Step 1

Oct 27, 2016

believe organics Skincare Giveaway

Sometimes you need to shake things up.  ‘Cause winter is coming.  Or you just got a year older (aarrghh).  So I was excited to try some new believe organics skincare products and offer a giveaway! You see, this year (this month even) I decided I was going to stop getting older and start repeating years instead.  And so that no … Continue reading

Patsy's Spaghetti and Veal Meatballs

Oct 17, 2016

Patsy’s Spaghetti & Veal Meatballs & a Giveaway

All’s well that ends well. Patsy’s Spaghetti & Veal Meatballs WILL be in my future—and also one lucky reader’s!  And today Patsy’s and I are celebrating National Pasta Day!   New Yorkers may well recognize the name. Patsy’s Italian Restaurant on Manhattan’s West Side, has been a legendary dining destination in New York’s Theatre District since 1944, when it was founded … Continue reading

Fall Colors Raspberry Salad Closeup

Sep 28, 2016

Fall Colors Raspberry Salad & a Giveaway

The fall leaves are turning late this year.  No problem—they will change when they are ready, in a bright profusion.  And while we wait, how about some great color in this Fall Colors Raspberry Salad? This recipe was inspired by a delicious organic raspberry lime salad dressing I just got from Litehouse foods. I love raspberries, but usually find raspberry … Continue reading

Sep 4, 2016

Steak, Blue Cheese, Veggie Wraps

Steak and Blue Cheese.  Need I say more?  Back in the day, a juicy steak topped with melted blue cheese was all the rage!  And the combo is just as good today in an everyday sandwich like these Steak, Blue Cheese, Veggie Wraps.  These fun and tasty sandwiches are based on a recipe from the promotional cookbook “Our All-Time Favorites: … Continue reading

Strawberry Natural Lip Scrub

Jul 6, 2016

Natural Lip Scrub Giveaway

I am a huge fan of exfoliation.  As often as every other day in the shower I take a scrub of salt and essential oils to my skin.  Since starting this, the dry skin on my legs has rejuvenated (even in winter) and my dermatologist said I look like a daily sun screen user (I don’t, shh).  But I never… … Continue reading

Jun 29, 2016

Magic Mushroom Drinks: Cocoa, Coffee, Elixir

I have a new love. it’s homemade flavored beverages—from teas to fruit syrups with fizzy water.  And I have just added some new mushroom supplement beverages, sent to me from Four Sigmatic.   I am calling them Magic Mushroom Drinks!  Four Sigmatic “was founded with the goal of cutting through all of the hype and helping people eat more of the … Continue reading

A Summer Natural Reading Collection

May 20, 2016

A Summer Natural Reading Collection & a Giveaway

I love the concept of a hope chest.  It’s old-fashioned but also anticipatory and optimistic.  Store up some well-loved, handmade goods and wait until the time is right to set off on a new (married) life. I have my own married-lady version of a hope chest–a natural reading collection that I use to inspire fun and useful projects!   My eyes … Continue reading

Spice Rack Filled

Apr 17, 2016

Spice Racks, Revisited (& Schwarma-Spiced Pita Sandwich)

Sometimes it takes a couple tries to get things right.  So when the spice rack company AllSpice offered to send me a lovely wooden spice rack for review, I jumped at the chance (then celebrated with a spice-rich schwarma sandwich).  Yes, this time I’ve got it!  I have always been a big spice user.  In my very first apartment, I … Continue reading