Feb 28, 2017
by Inger

Antioxidant Blender Sweet Potato Pancakes

Last week, I discovered a new recipe that became my Antioxidant Blender Sweet Potato Pancakes (at Smile Sandwich).  It was Paleo, which I don’t usually do–but right now I am faced with extenuating circumstances.  And this may call for desperate measures.  

How do you make a pancake that's tasty, easy, healthy, fun--plus gluten free and paleo? Antioxidant Blender Sweet Potato Pancakes!

Blender Sweet Potato Pancakes

You see, recently, my new (4 months old) bathroom scale and I had a little misunderstanding. I thought it would weigh me accurately and it thought it would be kind and take a few pounds off. Gradually. Over the holidays. To keep me from noticing. 
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Feb 26, 2017
by Inger

Citrus or Mushroom Flavored Sea Salt

There are sooo many things that have been on my “to do” list for ages. Which is why I like Marisa McClellan’s Food in Jars Challenge.  Some people (me!) just gotta have a deadline!  

Flavored Sea Salt is all the rage and so easy to make at home. See three varieties with lime, orange and shitake mushroom.

Three Flavored Sea Salts

So today (two days before the end of this month’s salt preserving challenge) I made three varieties of Flavored Sea Salt–lime, orange and mushroom.   Continue Reading →

Feb 23, 2017
by Inger

Healthier Broccoli Cheese Soup

Does the world really need another broccoli cheese soup?  I hear you, probably not.  But how about a version with an added vegetable?  Less fat? Or a little more flavor and an extra antioxidant (turmeric)? How about that!  

How about a new Broccoli Cheese Soup... with an added vegetable... less fat... a little more flavor and an extra antioxidant (turmeric)...

Broccoli Cheese Soup

I tend to suffer from what the tech industry calls “analysis paralysis”.  I want to research every recipe ever written, test them all, then mix & match to arrive at the very best possible version.   Continue Reading →

Feb 19, 2017
by Inger

Botswanan Iced Tea

Wow, it’s been a strange year for weather.  But I wasn’t about to complain when it topped 50 in Wisconsin this week.  It almost felt like spring.  Time for a warm weather beverage–Botswanan Iced Tea!  

With Rooibos, black tea, lemon juice and ginger beer, this Botswanan Iced Tea will get you psyched for summer. The antioxidants are just a fringe benefit!

Botswanan Iced Tea

I got my first taste of Botswanan Iced Tea at book club this month.  Our hostess had just returned from a trip to Africa where she liked this so much she asked for the recipe. Isn’t it great to have friends who are well traveled!    Continue Reading →