Garden Vinegar Weed Killer (When Mulch Fails)

Gardening naturally has its challenges. Some times more than others. Like when your tired-and-true method of for garden bed weed prevention (mulching), completely fails.   Then it’s time to experiment—this time with garden vinegar weed killer.  

20% Garden Vinegar Weed Killer is kind of like your salad vinegar on steroids (as in 4 times stronger and poisonous). This is our story (hint: it worked)

Spraying with Garden Vinegar Weed Killer – Note Protective Gear (Ignore Ugly Baggy Shirt)

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Easy Summer Food Roundup

Do you have a favorite summer song?  Mine is the one that starts Summertime and the living is easy…  Even the tempo is relaxed!   

But, well…, summertime doesn’t always feel that easy.  So today I am doing a roundup of easy summer food. Can you use a helping hand?  

The sailing is easy…

I am a big proponent of cooking from scratch — how else can you support all those local farmers?  But when things get busy, I am excited to have products that compliment, rather than compromise my goals.  
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Grilled Ahi Tuna Salad (or Not Salad)

Grilled Ahi Tuna Salad is a tasty dish that’s been on our menu… for ages.  It started out as an entrée that was special enough for company dinners–and quick enough for a weeknight treat. 

Grilled ahi tuna salad is delicious, flavored with olive oil, ginger and soy sauce. Perfect for a company dinner or even a weeknight treat.

Grilled Ahi Tuna Salad

Yes, back in my “corporate mom” days — on a very good night — my after school nanny might even have it waiting when I walked in the door. Who says you can’t have it all?  (At least once in awhile.)  Read more

Easy Oven BBQ Ribs – No Grill Needed

Is there any food that says summer more than barbeque? Baby back ribs are a classic, served up with summer favorites like baked beans and corn. Now traditionally ribs are roasted right on the grill for an old-fashioned barbeque. But if you don’t have a big grill–or just don’t want to tend it, here is a recipe for Super Easy Oven BBQ Ribs.

Easy Oven BBQ Ribs require almost no tending for a perfect dinner. Meaty, flavorful and meltingly tender! Celebrate summer!

Easy Oven BBQ Ribs on table

As I’ve hinted, there are different schools of thought on rib styles. Boil first?  Bake or grill? Rub or sauce?  My perspective?  Just give me something that is flavorful, tasting of both pork and BBQ sauce.  Oh… and meltingly tender. Mmmm!  Read more