Jan 22, 2017
by Inger

Orange Cranberry Marmalade

Whew, winter’s having a year.  Flooding on the west coast, crippling ice storms, ugly drab in the upper Midwest (which I’ll take over the other two).  I hear even Europe’s suffering.  Would some Orange Cranberry Marmalade help? 

Did you know marmalade can be made without the bitter white pith? This orange cranberry marmalade is more like sweet tart candied orange peel.

Orange Cranberry Marmalade

I stumbled across a fun “event” a couple weeks ago.  The blog, Food in Jars, is running a year-long canning challenge for readers who want to enhance their canning skills/repertoire.  You can one specified item a month and share with other participants.  Like canning with friends!   Continue Reading →

Jan 18, 2017
by Inger

Thai Shrimp Soup (with Extra Carrots–shh)

Christmas Eve seems like ages ago.  The festive evening, along with the rest of the holiday season, is so special—yet flies by in a flash.  But everything is still fresh in my mind.  As is this Thai Shrimp Soup, the most popular dish of the night. 

Thai Shrimp Soup - Curry, Coconut, Shrimp, Carrot "Noodles"

Thai Shrimp Soup

It has taken me far too long to share it with you …     Continue Reading →

Jan 11, 2017
by Inger

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast & Veggie Wednesdays

I just had another one of those “V-8” moments.  Like, why have I never made Strawberry Stuffed French Toast before?  Custard-y bread filled with cream cheese and berries, it is easy, tasty, and healthier than plain French toast. 

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast--Custardy bread filled with cream cheese and berries. Easy, tasty, and healthier than plain French toast

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

Over the holidays, my college kids were home from school. I loved the fun and camaraderie–including special breakfasts that start the day right!   Continue Reading →

Jan 8, 2017
by Inger

Healthy Salmon Salad Recipe

Is Omega-3 on your New Year’s Resolution list? It’s on mine!  With potential benefits in areas like cardiovascular disease, cancer and anxiety (souce: Dr Axe), this healthy fat is no slouch. And salmon, like in this tasty Salmon Salad is a great source. 

Salmon Salad in an olive oil based dressing! A fresh twist on broiled salmon!

Salmon Salad

Now, mind you, my version of Salmon Salad is not a bowl of greens topped with a broiled slab of fish–that would defeat the variety goal, right? It is more like a chicken salad–chunks of fish mixed with celery in an olive oil dill dressing!  Mmmm! Continue Reading →