Easy Oven BBQ Ribs – No Grill Needed

Is there any food that says summer more than barbeque? Baby back ribs are a classic, served up with summer favorites like baked beans and corn. Now traditionally ribs are roasted right on the grill for an old-fashioned barbeque. But if you don’t have a big grill–or just don’t want to tend it, here is a recipe for Super Easy Oven BBQ Ribs.

Easy Oven BBQ Ribs require almost no tending for a perfect dinner. Meaty, flavorful and meltingly tender! Celebrate summer!

Easy Oven BBQ Ribs on table

As I’ve hinted, there are different schools of thought on rib styles. Boil first?  Bake or grill? Rub or sauce?  My perspective?  Just give me something that is flavorful, tasting of both pork and BBQ sauce.  Oh… and meltingly tender. Mmmm!  Read more

Natural Bug Repellent Review and Giveaway

It’s officially summer!  Hooray!  Let’s hear it for beach parties, cool drinks and strappy sandals!  And hooray for natural bug repellent–just in case summer’s trails are full of mosquitos and other nasty critters.  

Natural Bug Repellent & Soap

Natural Bug Repellent & Soap

And while ordinary bodycare products like creams or bug repellent may seem like a good answer, they can contain chemicals you might not want to put on your body.  “What goes one you, goes in you,” they say.   Read more

Quick Lemon Garlic Salmon

Today I’m going to shake things up a bit—it’s time for Lemon Garlic Salmon!  Doesn’t that sound fresh and new? 

With a mellow garlic flavor, rich sauce and lemon-y brightness--not to mention healthy omega-3, Lemon Garlic Salmon is a winner.

Lemon Garlic Salmon

Okay, I must admit–this recipe is based (almost entirely) on the Chicken Piccata I’ve been making for years.  Only made with salmon.  Dressed up with a new name and a dash of wine.  For luck.   Read more

Golden Sunny Side Up Fried Egg

Did you know that a fried egg could be a thing?  When I heard this, I thought “wait, everyone makes fried eggs…”  How could something as simple as a Sunny Side Up Fried Egg be worthy of coverage

Who would have thought fried eggs could be "a thing!" Best ever is a sunny side up fried egg, cooked in bacon fat until crisp!

Sunny Side Up Fried Egg

Now this whole thing started when I caught a PBS special about food legend Alice Waters.  Turns out she makes an egg that’s actually famous! (Really, google it!)  Said chef and food writer Ruth Reichl,

“I could look at any dish that Alice had made and know that it was Alice’s… All good cooks have an identifiable style… Alice’s is very strong; if she fries an egg for you, it’s not like anybody else’s egg” 

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