Dec 1, 2016

White Peppermint Bark Martini (& Notes from the Martini Lab)

What’s more fun than a holiday dinner?  How about a holiday dinner that includes a martini lab?  This year, with daughters home early (hooray!) for Thanksgiving, I invited over my sister-in-law and put a ham in the oven.  After a casual dinner, we set to mixing up holiday martinis, including the White Peppermint Bark Martini featured today.  Now this isn’t … Continue reading

Aug 2, 2015

Strawberry Simple Syrup (or Blueberry or …)

Hot enough for you?  Even in Wisconsin (where some years I never turn on the air conditioner) we are feeling the heat.  My favorite new way to refresh?  Homemade “soda” with Strawberry Simple Syrup.  Staying hydrated is critical when the temperature rises.  Plain water is, of course, the gold standard, but sometimes after sweating for a few hours, a special … Continue reading

Jun 30, 2014

Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub

Although I am a gardener as well as a cook,… a strawberry rhubarb shrub is not a bush.  Even if it does sound like a fancy new hybrid.  Neither is it some obscure heirloom plant nor new GMO Frankenfood.  It is… (drum roll)… the basis for a cocktail that is both trendy and historic.  Or a nice non-alcoholic beverage if … Continue reading