Chilled Apple Beet Soup

Dec 13, 2010

CSA Beets: They’re Ba-ack

Last winter I commented on the challenge of finishing the beets from my CSA.  As one of the last remnants of summer, they languished, in the basement refrigerator, inspiring simultaneous fear and guilt. My solution at the time—a chocolate beet cake—was not a hit, though it was good for a few laughs and a story.  And it did reinforce how … Continue reading

Chocolate Beet Cake

Mar 22, 2010

And the Late Bird Gets… (shhh), Beet Cake

The last time I wrote about finishing my CSA beets, I got an interesting response from my college-aged daughter.    Safely ensconced at an out-of-state college, she remarked: I look forward to seeing if you can make something with beets that your kids will eat. So when she came home for spring break last week, I was ready with a plan… … Continue reading