Rosy and sweet, this blood orange vodka spritzer even contains antioxidant filled tart cherry juice. Does that make it a health food?

Apr 6, 2017

Blood Orange Vodka Spritzer

Recently I got a request—could I create a drink for the Las Vegas For the Love of Cocktails  Breast Cancer fundraiser?  Um, yes!  How about a Blood Orange Vodka Spritzer?  Rosy and sweet, it seemed perfect for a cause associated with pink!   The Las Vegas event is happening next month with a May 19 Gala.  If you happen to be … Continue reading

Sep 22, 2012

The Supper Club is Alive and Well… and Serving Fall Cocktails in Greendale

I should have seen it coming.  When the film “Wisconsin Supper Clubs” was (repeatedly) broadcast on the local PBS station, it couldn’t be an isolated bit of nostalgia.  Last week, suspicions confirmed, I visited the newest Bartolotta restaurant, Joey Gerard’s Supper Club. It’s a mini-renaissance! The Supper Club is a hard-to-define genre that began in the 1930s, grew widely popular, then … Continue reading