Oregano plant

Jun 18, 2013

Popular Herbs for Growing and Cooking

Did you ever want to have an herb garden–or maybe just a potted plant or two?  If the post on my kitchen herb garden, didn’t inspire you, take a look below at the information on some popular herbs!  Thanks to Nino Ridgeway and her great class for many of the tips! There are many herbs that are great for cooking, … Continue reading

A collection of herbs

Jun 16, 2013

A Kitchen Herb Garden

A window full of potted herbs–doesn’t’ that sound wholesome, all green tea and granola?  What about a stroll to the backyard herb garden, straw basket and shears in hand? This year, I am doing a proper herb garden and just put a number of plants in containers to complement the perennials in my garden–all following an herbal inspiration event!  I … Continue reading