Serving Apple Dutch Baby Pancake

Sep 8, 2016

Apple Dutch Baby Pancake

The last hurrahs of summer are upon us.  With still-warm days, and hints of color, early September can be extraordinary, blending summer’s welcome with the flavor of fall.   And if you happen to need an out-of-the-ordinary summer into fall breakfast, this Apple Dutch Baby Pancake may be just the ticket.  A Dutch Baby Pancake, also known as a German Pancake, … Continue reading

Strawberry Schaum Torte from Above

Jun 28, 2015

Strawberry Schaum Torte (Meringue, Ice Cream & Berries)

I just got word from my CSA—the strawberry harvest is in! This means that for the next two weeks, I will be eating strawberries in every conceivable form, then preserving more to last out the winter.  One of my favorite super-easy treats is strawberries in cream. Simply slice the berries, top with cream or half & half, then sprinkle with … Continue reading

Sep 30, 2014

A German Style Pork Hock Bake-Off

It may seem surprising to have a German Style Pork Hock recipe in a blog focused on healthy living.  But as you may have heard, fat is becoming less worrisome–if it comes from a healthier source, of course.  This whole adventure started out of my mission to eat local.  Last fall when I ordered local pastured pork for my freezer, … Continue reading