Whole Grain Ginger Chunk Cookies

Jul 22, 2015

Whole Grain Ginger Chunk Cookies

Do you love ginger? The sweet, spicy root is famous for adding zing to ginger snaps… or ginger ale… or even apple pie. While powdered ginger is the baking workhorse, candied ginger–juicy chunks of sweetened ginger root–holds a special place in my heart. Enough to create a cookie that is full of it: the Whole Grain Ginger Chunk Cookie (based … Continue reading

One Dish Chickpea Curry

Jul 7, 2015

One Dish Chickpea Curry

Who thinks of curry as a comfort food like macaroni and cheese? Not me—until I tried this One Dish Chickpea Curry.  The stunning photography of the Minimalist Baker original drew me in but it was the taste that won me over. And the creamy richness. And how about the ease of preparation—couscous in the dish so no separate batch of … Continue reading

Apr 16, 2015

No Butter Chicken

Eating healthy is easier if you cook at home! But it can still have its challenges. What do you do when you want great, in your face, flavor without excess salt or heavy fats? Sometimes the answer is to load up with spices. Today’s recipe, for No Butter Chicken, leaves no doubt that spices can deliver an amazingly flavorful–and low … Continue reading

Ginger Violet Salad

May 19, 2011

A Locavore’s Challenge: Ginger Violet Salad

It is  May 19, and spring is officially, desperately late.  My refrigerator is down to a few gnarly carrots and I am desperate for something with no trace of rot or ice crystals. My tomatoes are ready to plant but the ground is too cold and I know that our crops will be tardy in kind (though the lettuce inches … Continue reading