energy bill

Sep 15, 2011

And the Energy Savings Are… (Real!)

No one like to open up the monthly power bill!  Especially in a year of record extremes, like this one! This summer, instead of merely complaining, we decided what we could do about it.   Since we had already done some of the big projects (e.g. attic insulation), we decided to focus on simple changes.  We did some energy usage … Continue reading

Aug 16, 2011

Kill-a-watt Takes on the Energy Vampires

I blame StumbleUpon—or perhaps I should thank them.  One of their recommendations took me to  a site that delivered some dismal news.  My green(?)  lifestyle actually requires 3.9 planets to support. After years of trying to live conscientiously…  including insulating the attic, buying down comforters, and eating local, this was a tough blow. The average North American household is even worse at five … Continue reading

Cage with Potatoes

May 1, 2011

The Lazy Person’s Potato Garden

Growing potatoes always sounded hard.  Dig a deep bed, “fluff up” the soil (especially painful with clay), then go back with the shovel for harvest. I am a lazy gardener.   I started my gardening career at roughly the same time as my corporate career, so if it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t going to happen.  This spoiled me for life. This … Continue reading

Assorted Batteries

Mar 27, 2011

Green Tip: Look into Rechargeable Batteries

Digital Photography is very green.  Take a lot of pictures, delete a lot of pictures, save paper, avoid processing chemicals—yes, environmentally sound.  Except for the batteries.  To make matters worse, my personal digital camera is a power hog.  It has a stabilization feature that can drain batteries in less than a photo shoot.  Turning it off helps some, but I … Continue reading