All Natural Easter Eggs

Apr 3, 2015

Ad-Libbing All Natural Easter Eggs

Easter is… in TWO DAYS. Eeeck!  Life has been seriously out of control lately. Everything I own seems to be giving out–furnace replaced two weeks ago, laptop replaced last week (still working on that transition), website host changed this week, and stove waiting for the repairman. I could go on, but I know you really didn’t come to hear a … Continue reading

Apr 2, 2012

More Natural Easter Egg Dyes

I have been dying Easter Eggs naturally for years. It’s fun and easy–and I always feel more in touch with nature and the returning spring!   Beets for pink, red cabbage for blue and Turmeric for yellow.  With the primary colors covered, you can do anything…  (directions are at the bottom of this post) Not wanting to rest on past successes, … Continue reading

Natural Easter Egg Dying

Apr 15, 2011

The Natural Easter Egg Dye Off

I have been dying Easter Eggs naturally for years.  I’d much rather cut up and boil old vegetables than run to the drug store for a synthetic coloring kit—it just feels like more fun. At this point I have my standard formulas for the primary colors, which I covered in last year’s Easter post .  But once in awhile I … Continue reading

Natural Dye Easter Eggs

Apr 6, 2010

Fall Vegetables Bring Spring Easter Eggs

Throughout this blog, I have been referencing my mission to use up the remnants of the 2009 CSA harvest.  Today I will share a non-food option–decorating. In true confession mode, I do have previous experience resorting to decorating to consume CSA items.  This has been nothing as elegant as a vegetable centerpiece or pumpkin soup bowl—perhaps next year as experience continues to … Continue reading