Tricolor Potatoes Anna

Mar 26, 2014

Tricolor Potatoes Anna

Last weekend I made Potatoes Anna for dinner.  And just for fun, I decided to do it in three spring colors–without any dye or coloring.  You see I was the lucky owner of organic potatoes in purple, pink and yellow!   It all started when I did my last buying club order.  Perusing the available produce, I saw that, in addition … Continue reading

Cage with Potatoes

May 1, 2011

The Lazy Person’s Potato Garden

Growing potatoes always sounded hard.  Dig a deep bed, “fluff up” the soil (especially painful with clay), then go back with the shovel for harvest. I am a lazy gardener.   I started my gardening career at roughly the same time as my corporate career, so if it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t going to happen.  This spoiled me for life. This … Continue reading