Barn at Rare Earth

Oct 13, 2013

CSA Harvest Party

To cook or to write, write or cook…  It’s a tough question indeed! To  party or to write…  Not tough at all! Every year, Rare Earth Farm, one of my CSAs, throws a harvest party.  It is (usually) on a beautiful fall day–the kind that beckons you to come to the country.  If that isn’t enough there are pumpkins to … Continue reading

Apr 3, 2013

An Early Spring Greenhouse Raising

The greenhouse raising began before dawn.  At this early hour, spring’s soft ground is still hard-frozen, and volunteers can both help, and make it to their day jobs. The beauty of the hour was mere luck. Preparations had begun long before of course–everything from standard project management (buy materials, recruit volunteers) to little details (chip away reluctant spring’s ice from … Continue reading

Sep 18, 2011

Salsa Among Friends

Last weekend marked one of the highlights of our CSA season—the annual salsa party.  Everyone is invited and joins in to cut up peppers, onion, garlic and tomatoes for a giant salsa mix. We all work hard and produce a giant tub of salsa.   Then we kick back and indulge in a bountiful potluck.  Produce from the farm is … Continue reading

Oct 18, 2010

A Tribute to Seasonality: CSA Harvest Party

On Saturday night I attended what I consider the not-to-miss event of the year.  This prime social occasion is not a gala ball or elegant dinner; it is the Harvest Party at Rare Earth Farm, one of my CSAs.  Every year we take a trip to the country to celebrate another successful season. Autumn this year has been amazing: warm, … Continue reading