Dec 13, 2011

Coffee for a Better Tomorrow

Every morning, my husband brings me coffee in bed.  He tiptoes in and leaves a steaming mug on the nightstand. I catch the rich aroma first, then ease upright for a first warm sip.  When I step out of bed I have a better outlook on life—and  have gotten a healthy dose of anti-oxidants. Coffee used to be a vice.  … Continue reading

Oct 27, 2010

Socially Responsible Breakfast

I had a delightful surprise this morning.  Last night my husband had pulled in a package that arrived from Equal Exchange.  It contained a “Good Morning Basket” with coffee, tea and ginger snaps—what a perfect morning discovery!  Fresh and hungry, I eagerly sampled the contents.  (Disclaimer, these products were supplied to me free of charge for purposes of this review.  … Continue reading