Green Tips, Food Tips Unite: Electric Tea Kettles

Electric Tea Kettle

Electric Tea Kettle

I first learned about electric tea kettles during a college semester abroad.  While studying in Dublin, I lived with an Irish family–where tea was a staple.  We had it with meals, and I gulped it while studying—partly to keep alert and partly to keep my hands warm in the unheated Georgian. 

When I left, I retained my tea habit and added coffee to my vices.  I heated water on the stove or in the microwave.  Then one day my mother showed up with an electric tea kettle that she had used while visiting friends in Canada.  And I haven’t been without one since.


Electric tea kettles are very energy-smart because the heating element is in direct contact with the water making energy transfer optimally efficient.  And the efficiency makes them faster, providing a bonus for people with busy lives–all of us, right?  There are even super-efficient models that let you request that only a certain amount get boiled (e.g. 8 oz rather than whatever amount of water is in the kettle).   

If you are considering buying an electric tea kettle there are features you may want to look for.  First it should have an automatic shut off that will keep the unit from boiling dry.  And look for one where the kettle detaches from the plugged in portion so you can carry it where you need it. 

My current coffee brewing setup is shown below:

Making Coffee

Making Coffee


An electric tea kettle makes brewing single cups of drip coffee quick and easy—no more stale, lukewarm or reheated coffee!   And energy efficient too!

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