Natural Bodycare Giveaway: Shampoo, Scrub, Fine Line Eraser

It’s time for your quarterly bodycare lecture!  Most of us (hooray) are doing a pretty good job with the food we put in our bodies. Pat yourself on the back!

But what about the products you put on you body–things like soaps, lotions, cosmetics?  “What goes on you, goes in you,” they say.  Today, I am hosting a Natural Bodycare Giveaway for a Shampoo, Scrub & Fine Line Eraser from a natural product company called Remedy.  Because isn’t a lecture better with a prize at the end?

Remedy Shampoo, Scrub, Fine Line Eraser Giveaway

Natural Bodycare Giveaway

While soaps and cosmetics may seem pretty safe, they can contain chemicals you might not want to put on your body.  Things like lead in lipstick, triclosan in toothpaste, phthalates in… well, anything synthetically scented.  And did you know the term “organic” isn’t regulated for bodycare products so you can’t count on that to help you out. 

As a result, the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database has become kind of a litmus test for consumers without chemistry Ph.Ds.  (darn, I forgot to get my Ph.D. …).  They have a database with ratings for over 69,000 products and a “Build Your Own Report” system for entering the ingredients of items that aren’t covered.    

EWG Low Hazard Rating

EWG Low Hazard Rating

I always check with the EWG before using any new product.  And when I entered the ingredients for the giveaway products they all came out in the low hazard range.  Thanks Remedy!

So I was really excited when my review products came in the mail. I tried the shampoo first since I am in a serious shampoo rut.  The grapefruit lemongrass scent is refreshing and lemon-y and the lather is wonderful.  It left my (sometimes oily) hair clean and bouncy!

Remedy Grapefruit Lemongrass Shampoo

Remedy Grapefruit Lemongrass Shampoo

The clear, light gel of the Fine Line Eraser was pleasant to apply and it rubbed right in (sometimes wrinkle creams are a smidge greasy).  I won’t know if it’s working for a couple months but I was pleased to hear about the research behind it.  In two studies, “findings were statistically significant, saying treatment with lipopeptides saw 50% decrease in wrinkle depth, 68% decrease in wrinkle density, (and) 24% decrease in wrinkle volume. Lipopeptides were also associated with increases in elastin fiber density and thickness and improved regularity of collagen IV, both critical for smooth, supple skin.”  Sounds impressive, right?

Remedy Fine Line Eraser

Remedy Fine Line Eraser

And finally I have to tell you that scrubs are like… my favorite product in the world.  Even as a teen I had dry skin on my legs.  I hated swimsuit season and winters were a nightmare–most years my skin was so dry it would bleed.  Since using natural salt scrubs in the shower, my problem is solved!  This Remedy Tropical Island Salt Scrub has a beautiful tropical scent that will bring back memories of warmer days when winter arrives!

Remedy Tropical Island Salt Scrub

Remedy Tropical Island Salt Scrub

Besides producing these (and other) wonderful bodycare products, Remedy also does nutrition counseling and sells its own brand of organic supplements, noting that sometimes extracts have proven to be harmful. “We use the whole organic herb since it allows the micro-nutrients of the plant improve your health in a more natural and less resistant manner.”  They even give back to charity–how nice is that!

And now for the giveaway. This giveaway is for the three products (shampoo, scrub, fine line eraser) that I reviewed.  It is sponsored by Remedy and open to US residents.  It closes at midnight CST Sept 13, 2015.  To enter, leave a comment telling me why you think going natural is better.  For a second entry, follow Art of Natural Living on Facebook and leave a second comment mentioning this (or a second comment telling me you are already a Facebook follower).  The winner will be picked randomly, contacted by email and have 24 hours to get back to me with an address and any other needed information or a new winner will be chosen.

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96 thoughts on “Natural Bodycare Giveaway: Shampoo, Scrub, Fine Line Eraser

  1. Sheryl Edwards

    I think going natural is better because it is much safer for our bodies and less harmful to use all natural ingredients! I am trying to avoid products with harmful chemicals.

  2. Tamra Phelps

    Why do I tend to prefer natural products? Well, since being diagnosed with diabetes, I have had to deal with a lot of skin issues (no one tells you that dry skin, rashes, etc., are common problems for diabetics.) Through experience, I’ve found that the more harsh chemicals you find in skincare products, the less likely it will work at all. I’ve actually developed an allergy to SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)–which is in so many shampoos, etc., to make foam/lather.

  3. Trisha Bailey

    Going natural is better because our bodies were never meant to take in all the chemicals and toxins being presented to us today!

  4. Audra O'Hara

    I prefer natural/small company products because it’s easier to know exactly what the ingredients are. I have very sensitive skin and I don’t want a lot of additives or perfumes in my beauty products. I also like to buy from smaller companies or places like Etsy. One of the best face creams I’ve ever tried ,I found on Etsy; and it’s a fraction of the price of a big name-brand cream.

  5. Maryann D.

    Going natural is better since I do not like or tolerate chemicals well. I have sensitive skin and prefer using natural products and it is healthier for me.

  6. Birdiebee

    I think going natural is a lot healthier for your body. I would love to try this to see if it makes a difference in the texture/feel of my hair.

  7. Neha Kaul

    I prefer natural skin products as they have minimal to no risk of exposure to potentially carcinogenic ingredients.

  8. amanda keefer

    I think it’s so much better to keep it natural. I made skin care for our family for a while and that made me much more conscious of what we use now. It’s amazing how natural products can make your skin happyier , feel better and actually help it in the long run. We do all have our one body to take care of the best we can.

  9. Morgan Watson

    I think that going natural is better because it is better for us and our health. Natural products don’t have all the harsh chemicals in them. I have really sensitive skin, but ever since I have been using natural and organic products, my skin is so much better!

  10. Tabatha :D

    I used to sell the same make-up and skin care products that a lot of women have sold and promoted at one time or another. I was already starting on the healthy eating track and I began to investigate the ingredients in the products that I was selling. I started to discover they had cancer causing ingredients in these products. The woman who started the company died of cancer and all I could think was she killed herself with her own products and I don’t feel good about using these products or selling them anymore, so I stopped selling them after I had made quite of an investment and was still in the negative. Ppl are more important than the bottom line. Healthy products are the way to go! Thank you for the giveaway! 😀

  11. leisl

    I think natural is better because there are harsh additives and chemicals in just about everything now. I prefer natural and healthier, safer products.

  12. Jennifer Scheldberg

    I’d be interested to see how different my hair looks, feels, styles with using all natural products. I love the idea.

  13. Sara Sullivan

    I’ve spent so much time trying to eat only organic food – but often neglect looking at the ingredients in my beauty products!

  14. Sylvana B

    I think going natural is better because it keeps us from adding to our bodies harmful chemicals that were not originally meant for us to have in our bodies.

  15. Nicole Lancaster

    I think natural is better because you don’t have none of the man made harsh chemicals seeping into your skin that can cause Cancer and other health aliments.

  16. Alison Gibb

    Using natural products is better because you are not being subjected to chemicals that you can not even pronounce!!

  17. Linda Kwolek

    I think going natural is important because of all the unknown chemicals, pesticides and artificial things that are injuring our bodies, whether from consumption or contact.

  18. Johna

    I think going natural is important for me right now because I’m pregnant and don’t want to use harsh chemicals now.

  19. Christina B.

    I think going natural is important mostly to our planet but also for my kid. I want her to be healthy. GMO’s, chemicals … none of those are really helping anyone.

  20. Marija

    I feel more comfortable when I know exactly what the ingredients are in products I use. I feel like a more confident consumer when I buy all natural products.

  21. Jessica Padilla

    Going natural is better because you don’t have all those harsh chemicals on your body. And I think I look better using natural products.

  22. Brittney Minor

    It is important to use natural products because they don’t contain harmful chemicals. Some of the ingredients used in conventional beauty products have links to cancer, skin irritation, and are just no good for your body, both inside and out!

  23. Rhonda P

    Going natural is nice – you know what is in the product instead of a bunch of chemicals you can’t pronounce and have no idea what they are.

  24. wen budro

    Going natural is better because our health and well-being depends upon it. All of these toxic ingredients are wreaking havoc on our bodies.

  25. Holly DeLeon

    I think natural is better because I have reactions to all the chemicals or whatever in most hair and beauty products. My scalp gets really flaky and itchy. I guess I have sensitive skin 🙁

  26. Mari

    I prefer natural products because they are healthier for our bodies and dont have harsh chemicals and as my skin is really sensitive I tend to use as many products I can.

  27. Taryn T.

    Going natural is better, because it smells and feels better! I find the scents to smell richer and more delicious. They feel great on your skin, and it makes me feel better knowing that they are all natural, and safe for me and the family,

  28. lissa crane

    I think going natural is definitely better because of the huge amount of chemicals that are in everything we use! The more you can go natural and cut out as many chemicals as possible, the better! I do the best I can by going natural and I really believe that a little here, and a little there will add up over the years!

  29. Ally

    One of the things that has made me really think about going natural is our new dog–she LOVES to give TONS of kisses, and I don’t want her ingesting some of the junk that I’ve put on my skin in the past!

  30. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    I think going natual is great because it eliminates all of the exposure to hamful chemicals. Natural ingredients are better for me, my family and the environment.

  31. Vera Godley

    After watching my husband and daughter go through cancer treatments, I began to consider “chemicals” on our bodies. So as I can, I have begun to use more natural products. I’d love to try these out.

    godleyv {at} yahoo [dot] co

  32. Steph D.

    Natural is better for you inside and out! When I use products with natural ingredients and put good foods into my body I notice I look better overall 🙂

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