Natural Bug Repellent Review and Giveaway

It’s officially summer!  Hooray!  Let’s hear it for beach parties, cool drinks and strappy sandals!  And hooray for natural bug repellent–just in case summer’s trails are full of mosquitos and other nasty critters.  

Natural Bug Repellent & Soap

Natural Bug Repellent & Soap

And while ordinary bodycare products like creams or bug repellent may seem like a good answer, they can contain chemicals you might not want to put on your body.  “What goes one you, goes in you,” they say.  

Yes, there can be lead in lipstick, triclosan in toothpaste, and phthalates in… well, anything synthetically scented.  I don’t even want to think about what’s in a chemical bug spray. ( Check out the EWG website for more info.)  

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Mindful Soap, the sponsor of this giveaway, has been making handmade natural products like (really beautiful) soaps and creams for a number of years.  Trisha, the founder began making them as an outgrowth of her son’s autism treatment which included the use of essential oils.  This year she is expanding the product line to include a natural bug repellent.  Perfect!

Yes, I am so passionate about this that I used to have a natural bodycare store.  I carefully tested all my products—except one. Remember those old commercials where people put an arm into an aquarium filled with mosquitos to test bug repellant?   I was so not going there.    

Natural Bug Repellent

Mindful Soap Bug Repellent

But then one day my daughter and I went out to plant my big shade garden and a hoard of blood-thirsty mosquitos attacked. We dashed to the house, sprayed ourselves with natural bug repellant and (drum roll) … it worked like a charm. I’ve been a natural-bug-spray-kinda-gal ever since. 

So far, this summer’s mosquito population isn’t quite that high, so I haven’t done such an extreme test on this. But, I can tell you that this product smells (just as) intense and herbal, with the strong essential oil aromas that bugs seem to hate. 

Yes, now I feel ready for summer!

FLASH UPDATE!  Alas our mosquito free days are over and I can confirm this spray is working for us on both mosquitoes and biting flies.  We got to watch the mosquitoes diving toward my husband’s sprayed arms only to do a dramatic veer away.  Then while hiking (on an island reachable only by ferry even), my husband and daughter came upon large numbers of biting flies and the spray saved the day here!

As with any new product, always do a patch test to check for allergic reaction first and consult your physician if you are pregnant or under medical care.  

Natural Bug Repellent & Soap

Mindful Soap Bug Repellent & Soap Giveaway

Want to try for yourself? 

This giveaway, for one bottle of natural bug repellent and one foaming soap, is sponsored by Mindful Soap.  It is open to mailing addresses in the US and closes on July 2 at midnight CDT.  To enter, go to the Mindful Soap website to pick out your favorite foaming soap scent, then leave a comment below telling me which you’d like if you win (if out of stock another scent may be substituted). For a second entry, follow all my Pinterest boards (if you have a religious objection to my Christmas/Easter boards, just let me know and skip them). The winner will be picked randomly, contacted by email and have 24 hours to get back to me with mailing information or a new winner will be chosen. 


190 thoughts on “Natural Bug Repellent Review and Giveaway

  1. Margaret Appel

    My favorite foaming soap scent would be Pink Grapefruit! I love the crisp fresh citrusy scent even more than orange or lemon.

  2. Margaret Appel

    I was already following your Pinterest boards but found you’d added some more since I was last over visiting. So I’m following them too! Love your boards 🙂

  3. wen budro

    My favorite scent would probably have to be the pink grapefruit. That’s one of my favorite citrus scents especially with household products.

  4. Julie Waldron

    It’s hard to choose, I think they would all smell great. 🙂 I guess I’d choose Lemon Lavender, it sounds like an interesting combination.

  5. Vernice Cross

    I would love to try out the Lemon Lavender Hand Soap, I love the way lemons smell and I am looking for something to try that is ego friendly for my grand children. Would love to try it out and will definitely be purchasing some in the near future. Thanks so much! Vernice

  6. Rhonda Tenderholt

    Darn I missed it! Thanks for the review and I’ve now become a follower of their fb page, your pinterest, and I think I was already an fb follower of you.

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