A Natural Gardening Bodycare Giveaway

Memorial Day is now behind us, and with that, Wisconsin’s gardening season has officially begun!

Garden Poppies

Peony Blossom

Pagoda Dogwood in Bloom

So far I am pleased with the progress.  There are 20 tomato plants in the ground which means my canned tomatoes may last beyond February.  New Mulberry, elderberry, and plum trees (okay, sticks) are starting to leaf out and will provide additional food in the future.  My potato cages are overflowing at a time when they are usually just spuds in dirt—record early harvest ahead!  Regrettably, I totally forgot to start peppers and eggplant and will need to buy transplants.  But overall I am pleased.

Cage Grown Potato Plants

Black Elderberry “Stick”

New this year: I tried using toilet paper rolls to start my pea plants (an idea from blog Promenade Plantings); one grew some strange and bizarre mushrooms.  And we have brand new homemade tomato cages under construction (more on this later).’

Pea Seedling and Hitchhiker Mushrooms Starting in Toilet Paper Roll

In honor of a successful start to the season, I am offering a collection of garden-themed natural bodycare products.  I  am as committed to using natural products on my body as I am to eating them and I use the Environmental Working Group’s (of Dirty Dozen fame) Skin Deep Database to evaluate all of our soaps, shampoos and cosmetics.  After all “what goes on you, goes in you” they say.  If you’ve never checked them out, they rate products from 0 (best) to 10 (worst) and here is a link.

And now for the contest:


What:  A collection of natural bodycare products (soap, salve, insect repellent, etc.) geared for those who like the outdoors (especially gardening).  Retail value approximately $30.  Open to US residents only due to shipping costs (my apologies to my international readers–perhaps I’ll try to figure out something tiny I can ship anywhere next time…)  Note: I did not receive anything free for this, though for a couple more days I have a natural bodycare internet store.

How:  Leave a comment describing your favorite “natural living” practice.

When:  Drawing will use random.org and closes on June 15, 2012.  I will email winners for their mailing address and they have one week to get back to me or I will select a new winner.

Good luck and enjoy the beautiful growing season!

Update–Congratulations Jessica on winning the prize.  Hope you enjoy the products!

27 thoughts on “A Natural Gardening Bodycare Giveaway

  1. Promenade Claire

    thanks for the shout out:) I think the mushrooms are optional!! Otherwise everythingis looking great in your garden – loved the poppy photo

  2. debra jo

    I started using tea tree oil and water for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Smells great! The same spray also seems to work as a natural cat deterrent. Both my house cats turn their nose up at the smell. Maybe it’ll keep them from chewing on certain houseplants if I spray it nearby……

  3. Keely

    I use tea tree oil to clean my make-up brushes- since then I’ve had much fewer breakouts 🙂

  4. Jenny

    I love the photos and your plants are absolutely beautiful. I am using natural skin care products now but never saw natural bug spray. I would love to try it as the bugs in Florida can get pretty vicious.

  5. Tammy

    Thank you for the link to EWG. I missed it last time around and I have not been evaluating body care products.

  6. Lisa @ Fit in the Midwest

    Gardening is definitely my favorite natural living practice! It feels so good to grown your own food. Beautiful photos-love the mushrooms!

    It was so nice to have met you on the tour! Hope to see you again at a Mke foodies event.

  7. fitinthemidwest

    My favorite natural living practice is gardening. It feels so good to grow your own food! Love the picture of the mushrooms!

    It was so nice to have met you on the WI cheese tour. Hope to see you again at a Mke foodies event!

  8. Beth

    I can’t enter the contest because I’m Canadian … but good luck to the others. And your photos are just lovely!

  9. Louise

    And pleased you should be Inger. Your garden looks lovely. I’m going to need to buy some veggie plants this year too. I had some growing at Katie’s greenhouse but unfortunately, one of the kids sold them when I was away.

    I just planted some garlic by my Rose bushes. It keeps the aphids away and it actually works. I guess one of my favorite natural living practices is companion planting:)

    Thanks for sharing…

  10. Donna M. Strayer

    Loved seeing the pictures of your plants – they look beautiful.
    I have never tried the natural products but it sounds very interesting.

  11. spiritbirth

    I love designing my land using permaculture principles, but harvesting food from my owm yard is so gratifying.

  12. Amanda

    I use mint tea bags around the house to repel mice and rodents!