Blaze Pizza… Your Way

Last week I had the opportunity to try some new pizza.  And salad.  And dessert.  All at a new pizza restaurant in Brookfield, WI called Blaze Pizza

Blaze pizza meal

Blaze pizza meal

Part of a new chain, spreading throughout the U.S., it boasts a number of novel concepts.  First the pizzas are all individually sized and they offer a great selection of options for “build your own.”    You can go traditional (e.g. cheese, sausage, mushroom) or new age with toppings like artichokes and goat cheese.  Add as many toppings as you like for a flat price (novel concept two–and it really takes getting used to not worrying about the cost of the add-ons).  The only exceptions are gluten free or vegan cheese, which are upcharges–but try to find a vegan pizza in your neighborhood!   

Assembling the pizza at Blaze Pizza

Assembling the pizza

I started out with one of their “signature” pizzas (the Green Stripe), then added artichokes, roasted garlic and green olives.  When the pizza came out of their 700 degree oven (done in 2-3 minutes, novel concept #3), I was delighted.  The crust was tender and crisp and the topping combo was delicious!  The owner, John Walch, explained that many families enjoy the individual pizza concept because it’s the only way the parents get to eat something other than cheese.

Pizza oven

Pizza oven at Blaze Pizza–done in 180 seconds!

Wow, did that sound familiar!  For our last trip “up north” we arrived to a 55 degree house and decided to go out for pizza.  Our daughter informed us she would stay home and shiver unless we ordered a cheese pizza.  We told her to put on a sweater.  Conversely, when she hosts a get together, I always hope it’s big enough for two pizzas–the first is always cheese and at least we can snitch some sausage slices if there are two.  Yes, a loaded pizza is a parent’s dream!

Blaze pizza - my way

Blaze pizza – my way (Green Stripe plus add-ons)

The final “novel concept” is the calorie count.  Walch explained that with a non-meat combo, the calorie count generally comes in at just over 100 calories per slice   This means I could eat an entire 11 inch, really tasty, pizza for 600-some calories.  Fatefully, pizza is probably my biggest diet weakness.  This woman who can step away from a three layer cake is helpless in the face of steaming slice.  I sooo love this idea!

pizza slice


I rounded out my meal with a lovely salad of arugula, beets (yes, I do eat those on purpose),  goat cheese and almonds, that would be at home in a more elite establishment and a classic s’more, which I enjoyed and has to be an even bigger hit with the younger crowd.

Salad from Blaze Pizza

Salad from Blaze Pizza

Smore dessert


The restaurant even espouses green concepts like concrete floors, local beer offerings, and recycled pizza boxes and containers.  “I think the plastic salad box used to be old soda bottles,” Walch quipped.

Local beer!

Local beer!

With pizza, salad and dessert, I was stuffed and took half the pizza home, figuring that my husband would enjoy the leftovers.  When my (cheese pizza) daughter got home from school, she took one look inside the box and started pulling off green olives.  Everything else passed muster, and she declared we could take her there anytime. 

Blaze pizza box

Leftovers (in recycled box)–gone!

The only complaint I have is that they are on the other side of town.  Walch mentioned he was looking at opening additional locations.  Hmm, could you puh-leeze open one near me?

Disclaimer: the food was provided free for purposes of this review.

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24 thoughts on “Blaze Pizza… Your Way

    1. Inger Post author

      I believe that Chicago is one of the other cities that have these. Might be fun when your nieces visit.

    1. Inger Post author

      It was the first time I ever saw a round s’more and I agree that it’s a great look!

  1. Louise

    What an intriguing concept, Inger. I could “feel” you enthusiasm in every shot! Dare I say, Pizza is not one of my favorites. I’d much prefer the layer cake:) However, I think one of the reasons I don’t enjoy Pizza all that much is because I would much rather have it My Way!!! So there is hope, I suppose:)

    I’m delighted for you that you enjoyed it so much and your review is most promising to a Pizza (not) loving gal like myself.

    Thanks for sharing, Inger…I hope they plant one a bit closer to you quick!

    1. Inger Post author

      Oh I thought everyone was a pizza lover! It may not be a bad thing to be standoffish about though, Louise, since most are way more than 100-ish calories per slice. I am expecting there may be too much pizza in my future tonight during the Superbowl.

      1. Louise

        I guess Superbowl is a big night for Pizza. I passed Pizza Hut this afternoon and there was a line outside the door! Marion wants salad for dinner tonight, lol…

        1. Inger Post author

          Tell Marion she’s making me feel guilty 😉 (okay I’ll have salad with the pizza)

  2. Beth

    Ha! My daughter always requests cheese pizza too, and I’m a fan of lots of toppings. Maybe I should encourage her to try a Blaze pizza.

    1. Inger Post author

      I hate to say it but we were happy when our daughter decided to go to a movie with a friend–and we get to pick our own pizza tonight!

  3. Karis

    It’s funny how people prefer more toppings as they age. My 20 year-old sister and 22 year-old brothers are cheese only people, and I used to be the same. Now I load on as many veggies as the crust can handle! That salad looks so good. Reminds me of Ian’s, a place that you don’t go to for salad, but are happy to discover has delicious ones.

    1. Inger Post author

      My oldest was eating sausage and green olive up in Door County with me, so I guess there’s hope!

    1. Inger Post author

      The owner typically opens multiple restaurants of whatever chain he is involved in, so there is hope for both of us yet.

  4. Kathy

    Inger, I have never ever so wanted to sample something as right now. How I want a whole Blaze pizza! The same thing you had would be lovely. Wonder where the nearest Blaze pizza is to the UP?

    1. Inger Post author

      The nearest is probably Milwaukee. If you ever come through, I’d be happy to join you for pizza there!

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