Door to Door Organics Review and Giveaway

It was a good food week last week–I got my first delivery from Door to Door Organics! It’s the most fun I’ve had since… well, summer I guess. Can’t beat a box of beautiful fruits and vegetables (and some extras) dropped off right at your door.

Door to Door Organics Logo

Door to Door Organics Logo

Established in 2005, Colorado-based Door to Door Organics is an online grocer that is “changing the way people shop and eat.” They are expanding to the Milwaukee area and as part of their local kickoff, I got to try them for free–and so will three lucky Milwaukee area readers. And anyone in their distribution area can receive a $10 discount (see below for details). 

How It Works

When you enroll in Door to Door Organics, you select a produce box that is delivered to your door every week, or every other week if you prefer. There are four different box sizes ranging from a “bitty box” for 1-2 people all the way up to a “large box” for a bigger family.   Before your delivery you have the opportunity to swap up to five items for different items of your choice. Then you can add “extras” like more produce, meat, pasta, milk, or olive oil–all online. And if you need to skip a week or go on vacation you can do that online too.  

My Experience

I have to say the late February was the perfect time to draw in a fresh produce-starved foodie.  Since we are still finishing up some CSA leftovers, however, I decided to start with the small box of fruits and vegetables and was given the option of Tuesday or Thursday delivery dates.

The original contents included: 

Original Box Contents

Original Box Contents

I swapped out a few of the selections for different items, then added some wild sockeye salmon and kombucha. I was particularly pleased that Door to Door Organics was making some of my healthy eating resolutions (eat more fatty fish & probiotics) easier.

As I browsed through the extensive list of grocery add-ons, I decided that I could easily pull together full meals without going to the grocery store. Besides perishable foods like produce, bread, dairy and meats, they have pasta, olive oil and even chocolate pie crust, cherry syrup and micro brew root beer!

The produce is all organic and the other items I viewed were either be natural or organic.  

My Small Customized Door to Door Organics Box

My Small Customized Door to Door Organics Box

Why Use Door to Door Organics

Door to Door Organics brings together health and convenience, a challenging combo in today’s busy world.

Benefits include:

Convenience. I loved getting a box delivered to my doorstep. If you aren’t going to be home, they request a cooler for storage in challenging weather or may be able to do an office delivery. The next delivery, you give back packaging materials like cold packs so you don’t need to feel bad about waste.

Predictability/Exchange Privileges. ­After decades of CSA membership, I have come to enjoy unusual vegetables varieties along with their joys and challenges. But I know that many people don’t join a CSA because they don’t like the unpredictability or the inability to customize box contents. For my scheduled Tuesday delivery I get a list of the box contents on Friday and can swap out and add items until noon on Monday. This is also helpful if you are using this service to supplement a CSA or garden.

Selection. As I have alluded to, the number of foods offered is impressive.   Other than toilet paper, I wasn’t able to find anything on my upcoming shopping list that they didn’t stock. 

"Extra" wild salmon plus local coffee and kombucha

“Extra” wild salmon plus local coffee and kombucha

Local Items. A potential weakness for a service like this could be lack of local products, but Door to Door Organics does an excellent job of sourcing these. For our area, some of the offerings included local grass fed beef, Collectivo coffee, Indulgence Chocolates and Sassy Creamery products.

During the growing season, they also have a local produce box option (while supplies last). Although it lacks the personal connection to the farmer that you get with a CSA, if you have avoided a CSA because it lacks flexibility, this could be your answer.

The Cost

If you are buying organic at Whole Foods or your local health food store, I don’t think the cost of Door to Door Organics will faze you. But if you are accustomed to CSAs, buying clubs or cheaper farmers markets (some farmers markets rival Whole Foods), you may notice that convenience comes at a price.

But there were some very good deals too–even for bargain shoppers. The Door to Door Organics wild Sockeye salmon was on sale for $2/lb less than the best local sale price (not counting bad fish–don’t get me started). The nitrite free prosciutto was just a smidge more per ounce than bargain-priced Trader Joe’s and fresh Meyer Lemons were cheaper than buying wholesale from my buying club. 

And even though my CSA will start back in June, I think I’d like to stay with Door to Door Organics as a supplement–no citrus or peaches growing in Wisconsin!

Radish Greens with Prosciutto

Radish Greens (from my box)–Delicious w/ prosciutto

And now for the Giveaway

First, anyone in any of their distribution areas, can get $10 off your first order by signing up here.

In addition, three lucky readers in the Milwaukee area will get a $50 gift certificate for Door to Door Organics.  (Winners will need to subscribe with a credit or debit card but can chose to cancel when their gift balance runs out.)

-To enter, visit Door to Door Organics and verify that your zip code is in the delivery area. Then leave a comment letting me know how this can help you meet your eating goals.

-For a second entry, “like” Art of Natural Living on Facebook and leave a second comment that  you did this (or if you already a follower, leave a second comment letting me know that).

-Giveaway is sponsored by Door to Door Organics and open to Milwaukee area residents in their delivery area only.  

-Giveaway ends at midnight CST on March 15th.

-When the giveaway entry period has ended I will select the winners using and will contact them via the email associated with their winning comment.  If I do not receive a response, or if the person selected does not meet the geographic conditions of the giveaway, I will select a new winner using the same method. 

Now doesn’t that all sound like fun? Stay tuned as I put the finishing touches on a new recipe for Salmon with Fruit Salsa, inspired by my first box!  DoortoDoor Porch

23 thoughts on “Door to Door Organics Review and Giveaway

  1. Judy Perkins

    I checked on the appropriate website and Door to Door Organics does, in fact, deliver to my community. I am currently on a diet, in consultation (not competition) with a woman friend of mine who eats only healthy organic food. I believe that I need to step up and improve my basic dietary choices in order to see results from my diet. And, wouldn’t my foodie friend be so very happy for me if I were to “win” a healthy, organic food delivery from Door to Door Organics!
    Judy Perkins

  2. Judy Ell

    It’s great to have another option for getting organic produce. I love to support the local producers, so it’s nice to see that Door to Door Organics sources from local places too.

  3. Jenny

    I’m curious about whether a service like this might help me keep healthy options available at home. With my work schedule, I sometimes feel like I don’t have enough time to shop for healthy food, instead resorting to convenience that is not often enough organic. Thanks for sharing details about this service!

  4. Amy M.

    I checked and they deliver to my zipcode! I’m a graduate student so it’s really tough for me to even find the time to go grocery shopping, but I am dedicated to eating healthy. This would be such a time-saver for me!

  5. Jessica K.

    I’m always looking for ways to incorporate local and healthy foods into my life; this is a convenient and affordable way to do it!

  6. angela smith

    I am in the zip code delivery area . I think this can help my family eat more fresher food and help out local then just going to the grocery store . As a busy mom this will allow to to make sure I have all the fruits and veggies I need at every meal for my family . Thanks

  7. Kim Hardtke

    I’m so excited to know that Door to Door delivers to me! I love the idea of eating seasonal and organic. If you’ve got your health, everything else is easy, right?

  8. Kathy Bondar

    yes, I am on your delivery area and have “Liked” your Art of Nature.
    Thanks for another option in Milwaukee.

  9. Ben Burdick

    newer transplant from CSA and farmer glory of downtown madison so Id just love to get back in on some organic feeding as I just won’t step foot in A Whole Foods. Where all my Co-Ops at?!? Thanks for another avenue!!!

  10. Will Kort

    Always great to have more organic options! My goal is to eat at least 85% organic, and this service would be another arrow in the quiver, especially when time is tight.

  11. Beth

    This is a great giveaway! Unfortunately, Canada is WAY outside their delivery area, so I don’t qualify. I really love the idea of having produce delivered to my house.

  12. Chris

    Thank you for sharing information about this program. Sounds like a ‘one-stop shop’ with nice flexibility and great product!

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