Earth Day Natural Body Care Giveaway

What’s more fun than celebrating Earth Day with a natural body care package from Dessert Essence!

It’s Earth Day!  I love seeing all of the environmentally aware news stories and emails.  If only we could keep this awareness going year-round!  

The other thing I love is that Earth Day means spring is just around the corner!  

But this year, I’m not ready. After two feet of snow last weekend and an evening of cold night-photography, my skin feels like I live in a desert!  


Do you love me, or do you not? You spelled it out, but I missed the shot.       Cold Night Photography = Dry Skin!

Now on earth day – or any day – most people are pretty aware about putting good things IN their bodies: organic ingredients, lots of fruit and veggies, grass-fed meats, etc.  But there is less awareness of what we put ON our bodies.  It’s easy to forget your skin can absorb things–you’ve heard the saying… What goes on you, goes in you.

And while soaps and lotions may seem pretty safe, they can contain chemicals you might not want on your body.  Things like lead in lipstick, triclosan in toothpaste, phthalates in… well, so many things. 

Fortunately, I just got a natural body care package from Desert Essence.  Back when I had an online natural body care store, I used to sell their products.  So, I was really excited to hear from them!  

Jojoba Oil Products

Jojoba Oil Products

The package had all kinds of goodies starting with jojoba (pronounced HO-ho-ba) oil products for hair and skin.  It was seven years ago that a guide at Tucson’s Desert Museum mentioned that jojoba oil is very close to the natural skin oils, so great for healing—I made a note to try it then.  Yes, it is richly moisturizing and… finally off my to-do list!  

My natural body care package also included a beautifully scented lemon shampoo and conditioner, which will be perfect to help me psych for summer, and an unscented moisture lotion.  That’s going to my oldest daughter who just got painfully swollen hands from someone else’s lotion.  (Unscented can be THE BEST if you are sensitive — see note on patch test below). 

And finally, there is a tea tree essential oil and a “sleep” blend of essential oils. Hmm, I should have had the sleep blend, when I couldn’t sleep after that night photography session!  Are you on the essential oil bandwagon?

I also learned that Desert Essence is a B-Corp, a “socially responsible” certification on the order of USDA Organic or Leaping Bunny.  Per the B-Corp website, “B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”  And their products are vegetarian and not tested on animals.  Hooray!     

Whenever you try a new product it’s a good idea to do a “patch test” even with a good natural product.  Just rub a tiny amount into your forearm, then wait 24 hours to see if you react. 

And now for the giveaway!

The folks from Dessert Essence and I want to share this natural body care package with one reader as well.  Sponsored by Desert Essence and Art of Natural Living, it is open to mailing addresses in the US and closes at midnight CDT on May 6. To enter, leave a comment below telling me if you changed any habits for Earth Day. For a second entry, sign up for Art of Natural Living emails (below my picture) and leave me a second comment, letting me know you did (or that you already subscribe). The winner will be picked randomly, contacted by email and have 24 hours to get back to me or a new winner will be chosen.  

Happy Earth Day!


220 thoughts on “Earth Day Natural Body Care Giveaway

  1. Sand

    I recycle everything my city accepts, i reuse what I can and reduce my carbon footprint in any way possible. I try to eat a more plant based diet.

  2. Trisha McKee

    We have changed to a pitcher and reusable cups for water instead of water bottles.

  3. Jim Snider

    We took out 4 old roses but put 5 new ones in their place along with 3 butterfly bushes. Gotta keep those bees workin’.

  4. joanne major

    I learned to recycle and donate instead of throwing away. Cloth diapers for grandchild

  5. Jenn Reed

    I don’t think I changed anything in my life after Earth Day. I try to be kind to our Earth everyday.

  6. Anita Jude

    I didn’t change anything I already recycle , cut down on water and electric usage and always reuse or repurpose what I can and when i can and we always plant a veggie garden every year !

  7. Michelle H.

    I haven’t really changed anything. I already recycle and I have a vegetable garden.

  8. Sheila K.

    We recycle absolutely everything our waste management company allows, and we always take whatever is allowable to our designated hazardous waste site!

  9. Amy Markowich

    We are taking shorter hot showers and using only warm or cold for our laundry. We also are now recycling all our magazines and newspapers. Thanks for chance at giveaway!

  10. Nicole Lancaster

    I am most conscious about recycling and repurposing trash because of Earth Day.

  11. Julie R

    I didn’t change any habits, but I always keep preserving the earth in mind in all my choices.

  12. Annmarie W.

    I didn’t really change any habits for Earth Day, but all this year I’ve been trying to buy more earth-friendly products and to recycle as much as I can.

  13. angie w

    I haven’t changed anything specifically for Earth Day because I try to do things year round to help the environment (turning lights off, recycling, reusable water bottles, etc.)

  14. Dawn M

    I’m embarrassed to say I’m still working on my new year resolutions. No plans yet.

  15. Michele Pineda

    I started some composting over the winter months so the garden would have nice nutrient rich fertilizer this spring and summer. I also am aware of how much water I am using, and am trying to reduce the number of chemicals I use in cleaning and other household chores and have found some great companies and recipes online for natural products.

  16. Kerry P

    I havent made changes for Earth day but I try to always reuse bags, and water bottles, etc. everyday.

  17. Mary Beth Elderton

    We have celebrated Earth Day for a long time. We have put many actions into place toward small, clean living—reusing as much as possible, eating whole foods, driving as efficiently as we can, etc.

  18. Sarah

    We planted trees for Earth Day. This was our first year doing it but decided we will continue!

  19. Cliff Plummer

    I have always followed the 3 Rs, reduce, reuse, and recycle, but I’m trying to instill it in my kids now!

  20. Coressa B Clark

    I use steam to clean rather than harsh chemicals that end up in the septic field and harm the soil.

  21. AEKZ2

    I have not changed my habits for earth day, but I recycle as must as I can. I’m happy that my city has recycle pick up once a week. I’m thinking of switching to biodegradable straws, but they cost 6 times more than regular straws.

  22. Sunnie

    Not for Earth day so much, but I am using a lot less water. Also going to start a compost.

  23. tallcapp

    I recycle, I carry cloth bags to the market and I am especially careful about water in our drought ridden state.

  24. Robert Rollins

    They only thing I have changed for Earth Day this year and will continue to do is:……….
    To stop tossing my cigarette butts on the ground. ( I know, smoking is a whole other issue… I’m working on)
    But I always just tossed my butts to the ground. I now have an ashtray in my car, outside my house and a container to put my butts in if I’m walking. Every Earth Day my family & I always have planted trees.
    I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity

  25. clynsg

    We didn’t change anything for Earth Day, just continued our standard practices of clean-up, recycle, etc.

  26. Taryn T.

    For Earth Day, I have been working with my students at school, they have created a Green Team, and we are learning about the importance of recycling at school.

  27. Brandy Jones

    I didn’t really change anything for Earth day but I already unplug any appliances when not using them to save energy. I also don’t use harmful plant food in my garden. Instead I recycle my guinea pigs pellets.

  28. Michelle D.

    I always make an effort to try to reduce my footprint on Earth! I didn’t do anything special for Earth Day, but I always recycle, use reusable shopping bags, only use refillable glass bottles (no plastic water bottles for me), and line dry my clothes.

  29. Virginia B.

    I have started to limit my shower time and use cooler water. I won’t waste water waiting for it to get hot and shorter shower means less water usage.

  30. Kelly McGrew

    I didn’t change anything necessarily because of earth day. But I recently obtained reusable produce bags for use in the grocery store instead of those thin plastic bags. I also bring my own bags to the grocery store, recycle, donate usable household/clothing items instead of sending to landfill, etc!

  31. Christina K

    I recently moved from a home that would likely be considered to be located ‘in the country’, where we would burn what garbage we could in a backyard burn pit and take the rest to a local dump when we accumulated enough; to a home in town where we now have a garbage removal company pick up our garbage once each week and offer recycling services once each month. Very first time recycling regularly ever! (And I must say, its not complicated at all, which is what I originally thought)

  32. Gail Fernandez

    I didn’t change any habits for Earth Day. I always recycle, and try to reuse and repurpose whenever possible.

  33. JennyLynn241

    I have been recycling a lot more, didn’t realize how much trash I had and how wasteful we have been.

  34. Rebecca W

    We keep a recycle bin along with our trash. I like to reuse plastic bags for trash and not waste things.

  35. Giant Sis

    Not specifically for Earth Day, but we’re cutting down our plastic use – saying NO to straws when we eat out, using reusable baggies for snacks and lunches, buying in bulk when we can to reduce packaging.

  36. Casey Garvey

    I decided to cut down on the air pollution by only driving when I need to this summer, no more slim jim car rides for my Peaches and I, lol.

  37. amanda rauch

    I didnt do anything different for Earth Day. I try to be a good earthling every day. It can be hard for me to find natural products for personal care that actually smell good tho. I am excited to see a lemon scented shampoo!

  38. Michelle Levine

    I actually changed my habits a few year ago. I try to be non toxic with most of my items so these items would be great to try for me!

  39. Nicole

    I didn’t change any habits this year for Earth Day, but there are several I have made changes in recently – using canvas bags always. Switching to all natural, non-toxic, animal friendly cleaners. And switching to cruelty free beauty products.

  40. Laurie Strebe

    I got a bike late last fall and as soon as the snow melted here I “peddle” to work instead of hoping in the car. I’ve also been real good at remembering to turn off the tap while brushing my teeth. That’s about 3 1/2 minutes or more of no water just going down the drain. I also turn off the water when I shampoo in the shower which saves a lot of water. I know I can do more for our precious earth. I’m a work in progress!

  41. heather

    I changed my habits for Earth Day by educating myself more about organic products on the market and also shopping more at the local farmer’s market.

  42. susan smoaks

    i didn’t change any habits for earth day. i am vegan so i am living like every day is earth day.

  43. Tamara R.

    I did not change anything for Earth Day because my family already works every day to protect the earth. We recycle, reuse, compost and carpool.

  44. Katelyn

    I’ve been striving to reduce my plastic waste and really buckled down on Earth Day!

  45. monique s

    For earth day, I was thinking of new things I can do to help reuse, recycle and upcycle

  46. Melissa

    I’ve been trying to use less plastic – for example, I buy a large container of yogurt and divide it into small glass jars instead of buying packs of lots of little yogurt containers.

  47. Kelly D

    I have been trying to make sure we aren’t leaving any lights on that we don’t need.

  48. shirley delp

    i’ll try to recycle more. amazed at the little bits of plastic we don’t even consider worth it….but they are

  49. Yalanda Woods

    As a family we renovate dilapidated homes all year long. Individually, I personally garden and what I don’t/can’t grow I buy local. My autistic three year old also loves playing in the dirt and being outdoors. He helps with the gardening and even the renovations sometimes. He learning how to sort the recycling into different piles for the big trucks. He loves to watch the recyclers pick up everyone’s bins.

  50. Janine H

    I didn’t change for earth day but have always been good about recycling and conserving! I guess I’m using a thermoflask and less water bottles!

  51. Sarah L

    I am trying to subscribe but get: There was an error when subscribing. Please try again.
    subscribe email: slehan at gmx dot com

  52. liberty

    I have been trying to reduce the amount of grocery products I buy in plastic packaging when possible.

  53. Katie R

    For Earth Day, I have made sure I bring my recycling home to recycle it instead of just throwing it in the trash at work.

  54. Tori Mullis

    Have been trying to remember to recycle more! Being a mom of 4 sometimes it gets hectic and I don’t lol

  55. Kari

    I am beginning to use the reusable bags at the store and also going without bags on smaller orders

  56. Jenna Hudson

    I’ve always been very kind to the earth but I offer my friendly tips to others!

  57. Victoria Scott

    I have given up throw away straws! I now take reusable straws with us. It’s a small and easy change!

  58. Char

    I subscribed, and I don’t use plastic water bottles any more. Thank you for the great offer!!

  59. Shanna

    Yes!! We are very conscious regarding recycling – and always pick up trash on walks to the park!

  60. s holland

    I always try to use more things that are natural and don’t come in packaging,like fuits,vegetables,and always try to buy products that have biodegradable packaging.

  61. Stacie Humphrey

    No more plastic water bottles for us! We will be using refillable containers.

  62. Teresa

    I didn’t change my habits because I try to be earth-friendly all the time. I like to compost but we live in a small apartment.

  63. Marija

    Every day should be Earth day, or Earth-conscientious day. So, no, no new habits for me.

  64. Sarah

    I always am on energy conservation watch! I always walk through the house turning off lights

  65. Lisa V.

    I haven’t changed any habits. I’m a long distance backpacker and have been a strong follower of leave no trace.

  66. TallulahJane

    Yes, I’ve been trying to cut out my snacking for earth day. I feel like I can make better progress with baby steps.

  67. Debbi Wellenstein

    We already recycle, but this year I have decided to buy less stuff! I don’t want my shampoo to outlive me!

  68. Dana Rodriguez

    We always make an effort to use items and do things that aren’t harmful to the Earth. I am getting ready to plant some flowers and veggies this weekend!

  69. Helga

    I live pretty simply and environment-conscious ( I raise chickens and veggies and fruits) so I didn’t change my habits for Earth Day this year.

  70. Jennifer Maslowski

    We have been volunteering with our town’s tree committee, planting new trees for earth day and arbor day.

  71. Cynthia C

    I already recycle everything possible. This year I’m going to try to reduce energy use by washing only full loads of clothes and dishes and unplugging things when they are not in use.

  72. jenny stratton

    I haven’t changed anything specifically for earth day but have been trying to slowly change to a natural way of life over the past couple of years.

  73. Susan Smith

    Instead of buying new water bottle to take with me when I go hiking, I fill up my used water bottles with tap water. This helps the environment by not filling land fills with plastic bottles but it saves me money too.

  74. Lynn

    For earth day we are trying to use less energy and we are working on plans to plant a flower garden for butterflies and honey bees (still too cold here to plant anything outside yet though!).

  75. wen budro

    I planted a young tree in my yard. I try to practice earth friendly habits throughout the year.

  76. Jennifer Pickett

    This year for earth day, I have decided that my goal between now and next earth day will be to cut my packaging footprint by at east 50%. I will purchase as my grains from the bulk bin, buy as much produce as I can locally, try to buy what little meat I use in bigger packs and grow my own herbs and spices. What I can’t grow, I will buy loose. I already recycle as much as I can and take public transportation, but I am also going to try to compost this year. There is no reason I shouldn’t be doing this. I have also promised myself to only buy what I need and to buy as much of that as I can, used. Little things but hopefully together with the efforts of others they will add up.

  77. Debbie Yoder

    I recycle and use naturalproducts ,trying to rid the house of harsh chemicals for my cleaning and personal care.

  78. Lynn Wiese

    I’m focusing on reusing what I can before sending it to recycling. Happy to learn new info about Desert Essence products!

  79. Angela Saver

    I have been changing out my skincare products and haircare for organic options. For Earth Day, we are picking up trash in the park area. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

  80. Jenny S

    I’m doing my first veggie garden this year and plan to use banana peels and coffee grounds for compost.

  81. Jill H

    I am always trying to be aware and conscious of recycling, reusing and eliminating waste. I also read labels so that I’m not purchasing products that are harmful to my family or the environment.

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