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Today I am talking about artisan Shampoo and Soap (from Good Earth Beauty).  Earlier this week it was essential oils and aromatherapy–you’d think it was natural beauty week!  But, (I sooo hate to bring this up) winter will be here before we know it.  With the drying heat and parching winds, we’d better get ready to be good to our hair and skin!   Shampoo

When I write about natural body care products, I always think back to the first bar of handmade soap I ever tried.  I found it at a farmer’s market and it was so pretty, so softly scented and luxurious on the skin that it became a goal to be able to only use these. img_1

Shortly after  I began to hear more about the chemicals that lurk in many personal care products.  What goes on you goes in you, they say–and who wants lead in their lipstick!  (For more info see Myths on Cosmetic Safety)GEB logoAnd so I was delighted when Good Earth Beauty offered me some of their products for a review and a giveaway.  They carry a wide variety of natural products from some of my very favorite vendors and are also producing a line of their own.

I selected a couple of shampoos (good natural shampoos always seem harder to find) ,along with a bar of activated charcoal and tea tree soap for one of my daughters.Wheatberry Shampoo

The first thing I did was run the shampoo  ingredients through the Environmental Working Group’s Calculator (I could tell the soap was good from the ingredient list).  The shampoos came out a “2” (“low hazard”) which is an excellent number for a natural shampoo that actually performs like a real shampoo.  Yes, not only do I want good ratings, I want bubbles, effectiveness and a good scent.  


Low Hazard

And the Good Earth Beauty shampoos came through. 

They lathered well, smelled good and left my hair clean and silky.  The shampoos are a thicker gel which I especially like.  Ever have one of your kids carelessly pour a half cup of a runny product down the shower drain?  The Coconut Lime has a nice tropical scent that I hope will make me feel better when the snow flies (we narrowly missed the first snowfall yesterday!)  The Wheatberry smells like normal, nicely scented, shampoo without any identifiable orange or lavender or rosemary or other specific scent.  So if you want to go natural and are tired of smelling like a plant, this may be your ticket 😉

Good Earth Beauty Soap

Good Earth Beauty Soap

My daughter who suffers from occasional breakouts tried the Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree soap. I took a whiff before handing it off to her and it smelled a whole lot nicer than the sour-smelling acne soup I  used as a teenager!  She says the scent and lather were good and is now testing its effectiveness.   

Good Earth Beauty Giveaway

Good Earth Beauty Giveaway

And now for the giveaway.  This giveaway is for the two shampoos and soap I reviewed (or comparable substitution in case of product shortage).  It is sponsored by Good Earth Beauty and open to US residents.  It closes at midnight CST Nov 12, 2014.  To enter, leave a comment telling me why you think going natural is better.  For a second entry, follow Art of Natural Living on twitter (@iwilkerson) and leave a second comment (or let me know if you are already a twitter follower).  The winner will be picked randomly, contacted by email and have 24 hours to get back to me with address and any other needed information or a new winner will be chosen.

129 thoughts on “Good Earth Beauty Giveaway

  1. Lisa @ Lisa Living Well

    I’ve slowly been making the switch to more natural products because I am worried about the chemicals in other products causing cancer, irritating my eczema, and being bad for the environment. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity, Inger!

  2. Christina Anne

    I try to go more natural because I believe it’s better and healthier for my body.
    annejk112233 at yahoo dot com

  3. Christina Anne

    I’m a twitter follower (@wowtotweet)
    annejk112233 at yahoo dot com

  4. Maryann D.

    Going natural is definitely healthier for me and my family. We have a lot of allergies so we need natural and organic products.

  5. lena

    hi inger, nice to know that the shampoo gives you much lather and bubbles . I always have the impression that all natural shampoo arent soapy enough. Yeah, lipsticks..have been wearing lipstick for many years and i can see that it’s getting darker than before … 🙁

  6. Calli

    Going natural is good because you can be allergic to synthetic items and not even know it.

  7. Beth

    Unfortunately, I don’t qualify for this giveaway. But I’ll be sure to check out their products here in Canada!

  8. Ivy Sew

    Hi Inger, you are right about about those chemical shampoo and soaps. I have in fact reduced the used of such products and trying to source online non-chemical products. Thanks for sharing and now I have extra source for my online shopping. You have a wonderful week and warmest regards 🙂

  9. Choc Chip Uru

    Natural often smells better and works better as well 😀
    Great giveaway wish I was eligible!

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. ginger

    Going with natural products is better because the chemicals found in other products are toxic for us!

  11. ginger

    I also follow on twitter @gingergisi 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  12. Lynn

    I think going natural is better because it reduces both your and the environmment’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

  13. krystel

    going natural is so much better because it brings out the healthier side of you and its better the have chemicals absorbed into your body

  14. Donna Canull

    Thanks for an inspiring website. I have a severe undiagnosed skin disorder acquired in the Army. Treatment has ranged from charcoal salves to chemo with no avail. I am desperate for new options. I have tried a variety of oils. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Love and light to you all.

    1. Inger Post author

      Hi Donna–
      One thing that I would suggest trying (which this giveaway doesn’t help with) is unscented products. While essential oils are fine for most people, they are one more thing that someone with sensitive skin can react to. You might look at the environmental working group’s website for research and perhaps check out Trillium Organics ( –and also sold by Good Earth Beauty) or Genuinely Simple ( Best of luck finding a solution to this. Inger

  15. Nikki N

    Going natural means no breakouts for me due to harsh chemicals!

  16. Connie

    I notice I feel better over all when I use natural products. I also like knowing that I’m not letting chemicals harm my body.

  17. Louise

    I too have been gradually switching to more natural products, Inger. It shouldn’t be confusing to try and figure out but sometimes it just is.

    Looks like you’re on the pathway to making it a whole lot easier!

    Thanks for sharing, Inger…

  18. Corey Olomon

    It’s healthier for me and better for the environment,

  19. Angela Saver

    I believe natural is better for my family & our environment because we are avoiding nasty chemicals!

  20. Jennifer Morris

    I really just feel so much better when I use natural products. Natural scents and essential oils can lift your spirits, calm you or invigorate you depending on the oil. I just love fresh and natural scents and products that ate good for me, my family the earth and animals too!

  21. Audra watts

    I think going natural is better for you and the environment. There are so many chemicals out there and we don’t know how that effect us. Watts128 at yahoo dot com

  22. Audrey

    Both my partner and I have dreadlocks, so finding a good all natural shampoo is a must. I have had very sensitive skin since having a baby and all the chemicals in most soaps give me the worst reactions. I’m an all natural mama just trying to do the best for my family and the environment. This looks like a pretty nifty giveaway

  23. Samantha Preston

    Natural product ingredients are easier to understand, not everything natural is good for you but at least you will know exactly what you are putting into your body.

  24. Denise

    We have been already making the switch and checking all our products on EWG. I love to be introduced to new products so I’ll keep an eye out for this too

  25. saralynns2

    I think going natural is better for my body/health as well as the ‘health’ of the natural world 🙂

  26. Jennifer M.

    I think natural is better for the environment and for my health.

  27. Ellen Russell

    I noticed a huge difference in my skin, as well as my kids’ skin, when I use natural products. Thanks for a great giveaway!

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  29. Wehaf

    I go natural because it reduces my impact on the environment.

  30. golden storm

    going natural is much better than all the chemicals,,i already make my own lundry soap,,and have yet to learn how to make soap/shampoo etc

  31. Erin B.

    I have been trying to switch to natural products lately! Natural products are so much better for our skin and body!

  32. Jazmin W

    Natural products may not be as quickly effective as other products but overall it helps your hair to be healthier in the long run.

  33. Emily

    I like to try and go natural because of my own personal health and wellness and to teach my children

  34. Rebecka Pauline

    I try to go more natural because I believe it’s better for my body and for my family we try are best to use eco safe products and we also cloth diaper

  35. Allyson Tice

    Going natural is better because there are no harsh and unnatural chemicals !

  36. Ruth Griffeth

    I think natural is much better then chemical filled shampoos, because most of the chemicals used do not break down as well and go into the environment, which then end up being ingested.

  37. nicole defelice

    Natural is always better! Chemicals cause cancer, and they are no good for my kids or the environment.

  38. M.Clark

    I think that going natural is better because it’s always better to avoid harsh chemicals or synthetics.

  39. Erin M.

    Going natural is better because it lengthens your life.

  40. G

    Natural products are so much better for us and the environment…. I try to use as much natural stuff as possible to me and my family and my fur kids too. Love these products and woild live to try this company’s stuff. One pet peeve with some natural shampoos is the lack of lather….I want bubbles too! Lol. I’ve been trying to focus on reduce reuse and recycle and using natural stuff the past couple of years and love discovering new natural stuff…. Plus my step daughter has psoriasis and so I try to find stuf for her that won’t aggrvate this condition…..I think that soap would be awesome for her. And thanks for the calculator info. I’m going to check that out and input info from some of the stuff I use and see how it scores. Thanks for the chance to win and for the great post!

  41. Jessica

    Natural is better because it doesn’t have preservatives in it

  42. Lee Mckoen

    I am trying to switch to all natural products for skin and hair care, I live In Arizona and get extremely dry skin and body products with lots of chemicals just drys hair and skin more! I am a twitter follower!

  43. Maureen

    There are so many reasons that going natural is important to my family. The top of the list for me is that my young daughter has severe asthma and eczema which is best controlled by eliminating mainstream chemical-laden products with natural products. It has made a big difference!

    Thank you for the review….I love to find new natural derived health and beauty products!

  44. Sara Sullivan

    Going natural is so much better! I’ve spent so much time on what I put in my body – avoiding chemicals and “junk”, but I’ve only recently begun watching what I put ON my body.

  45. Monica C

    Natural is healthier- without the chemical preservatives!

  46. Kasie Tillman

    Natural products are better for our bodies and the environment. I like to keep my family healthy and happy.

  47. Yolanda Scott

    I have switched to eating clean and mostly organic but have not switched over my beauty products yet. I feel so much better when I eat naturally.

  48. Helga

    Going natural is better because its better for your health and the earth.

  49. Melanie Comello

    I can honestly say that I never really thought about going natural until we had our little girl, at which point i started looking for everything natural for her! It’s obviously better for us, our skin and our environment. But especially for our little ones.

  50. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    I’m a new Twitter follower. @MarnGuff

  51. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    I would love to win this as I’ve recently start switching out all of our cleaning, personal, bathing and make up products to natural ones. Its a slow process because I hate wasting what we already have but as we buy things, they are now organic and natural.

  52. Angela Cash

    I think that going natural is the only option for anyone who wants to stay healthy and minimize their impact on the environment. I am making a conscious effort to only use natural products for beauty, cleaning, etc.

  53. beth

    I think going natural is better because it’s less harmful to the earth and your body.

  54. sara giresi

    Going natural helps my family deal with dry and itchy skin! Using natural detergents and beauty products keeps our skin healthy

  55. cassandra

    i like not having to worry about harmful chemicals and side effects

  56. Mary Beth Elderton

    I think that we are exposed to many toxins in our environment that we can’t control–air pollution, building materials, products used in public spaces, etc. A good way to minimize the impact is to choose natural, non-toxic in our own homes.

  57. tracey johnson

    Natural is easier on the skin than the harsh chemicals

  58. Adrianne B

    I think natural products are better because they are sustainable and we have been using them for hundreds and even thousands of years. Natural products have proven their side effects (if any) over time and we are aware of them.

  59. Annmarie W.

    I love natural products! I feel they’re better for me & my family since they’re not full of chemicals! Our bodies are natural, so the products we use on them should be too! And they’re better for the environment…the way Mother Earth intended!

  60. lisa kay

    Going Natural is always better.
    No Impurities in or on your body!

  61. Callista Lofton

    It keeps chemicals out of my body and makes me healthier

  62. Jo Ricker

    I follow you on twitter @themommablogger Thanks for the chance to win. Myself and my girls would love this.

  63. mechele johnson

    I think going natural is always better! Natural body/beauty products are best so that we aren’t putting extra toxins on our bodies than we are already exposed to against our will. It gives me a little piece of mind as well knowing I am not putting chemicals on my children/family, and putting chemicals into our water system.

  64. Mary Dailey

    I have fairly sensitive skin, so I love natural products. Also, it’s better for the environment.

  65. Teresa

    I’ve developed a sensitivity to chemicals and preservatives so going natural for me is going healthy and staying healthy.


    I think going natural is better because it’s better overall for my body, especially my liver. We take in so many toxins on a daily basis- it’s overwhelming. I also feel better the more natural I am. The more organic fruits and vegetables I eat, the more sulfate-free, all natural body products I use- I feel better and my skin looks better.

  67. Mandy Kauffman

    There are already so many chemicals we are exposed to daily, some of them we know are toxic at high levels, some of them we won’t know if they are toxic for years to come. Going natural where you can might be able to combat some of the negative effects. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  68. lissa crane

    I think going natural is definitely better! Two years ago my sister had breast cancer and it really woke our whole family up to how many chemicals we actually put into our body on a daily basis!

  69. julie moore

    Going natural makes me feel better. The products feel better on my skin too.

  70. Brandi Dawn

    Going natural is better because the chemicals are no good for you or the environment! And be VERY careful when selecting your “natural” products as that term can be very deceptive.

  71. kelly mcgrew

    going natural is so much better. for our skin and for the environment and also for the animals that they test products on! 🙁

  72. Nancy

    Using natural products is better because you don’t have to worry about the effects from any product additives.

  73. Becky Lyons Borgia (@BeckyatGUNT)

    I think that going natural is important to avoid chemicals. Our skin is our largest organ.

  74. Becky Lyons Borgia (@BeckyatGUNT)

    I am a new follower on Twitter (@BeckyatGUNT)

  75. montanna sutherland

    I think going natural is better for everyone because there are chemicals in almost everything now. I think we need to go back to the basics in many ways

  76. Fiona N

    Going natural is better because it’s good for health and environment!

  77. Fiona N

    I just followed Art of Natural Living on twitter @carabao62
    Thank You for the chance

  78. rene chartier

    I love the pure elements and fragrances of the natural products. The result on my children’s hair and mine is glowing. I love to try this product. Rene Chartier

  79. Nicole Millheim

    I think going natural is so much better for my skin and health. I am making little changes here and there. I love using all natural on my skin to keep it young looking and soft

  80. Deanna Middendorf

    To me going natural is a way to protect everyone from all of the harmful chemicals that are being used. We NEED to protect our skin, bodies, etc… Going back to nature could be the answer to many of our health issues. Natural products not only help us but they protect our environment for future generations. As a Grandma this is my main concern.

  81. Deanna Middendorf

    I am already a follower on twitter as @tedricotink. Thank you for the awesome chance.

  82. Sherri J

    I think going natural is a great way to prevent cancer and keep hair and skin younger looking also.

  83. saralynns2

    Going natural is better for our bodies and for the environment, so why not embrace it? 🙂

  84. Michelle Short

    I like going natural for products because it is better for my family and helps the environment.