My Most Forgiving “Bok Choy” Salad

Bok Choy Salad

Bok Choy Salad

One of my all time favorite non-lettuce salads is Bok Choy Salad. Crunchy, and flavored with soy sauce, it has a nice Asian flair pairing perfectly with all types of casual foods. Now I admit that all of my pictures here show Napa Cabbage—but it’s a very versatile salad (and the store’s Bok Choy looked terrible).

I believe that in order to eat delicious, healthy food (and still have time for the rest of your life), you need a level of adaptability. No sesame seeds? Move on. Forgot the onion? Still tastes good. CSA sent Napa Cabbage instead of Bok Choy? Use that instead.

And so I share a delightful and most accommodating recipe today. I guess I should call it “Bok Choy” Salad in quotes.

Bok Choy Salad  

Topping Dressing
¼ c almonds, slivered 1 c sugar
1 pkg Ramen noodles, uncooked ¼ c vinegar
2T sesame seeds 1 c canola oil
2T butter 2 T soy sauce
1 head Bok Choy (or Nappa Cabbage)  
Chopped red onion, to taste  


1. Break up ramen noodles into small pieces.  Sautee in butter with sesame seeds and almonds until brown.

Fry Noodles

Sautee Noodle Mixture

2. Cut Bok Choy into bite sized pieces.  Add to chopped onion in large bowl.

Cut Bok Choy

Cut Bok Choy

3. Combine dressing ingredients in a jar and shake well to emulsify.

Mix Salad

Mix Salad

4. Blend dressing with salad and toss to coat just before serving.  Sprinkle with topping.  Save any extra dressing for future salads.

Store Separately in Refrigerator

Store Leftovers Separately in Refrigerator

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