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I am a huge fan of exfoliation.  As often as every other day in the shower I take a scrub of salt and essential oils to my skin.  Since starting this, the dry skin on my legs has rejuvenated (even in winter) and my dermatologist said I look like a daily sun screen user (I don’t, shh).  But I never… ever… thought of using a natural lip scrub.  Silly me!

Natural Lip Scrub Parfait

Natural Lip Scrub Parfait

That is until online natural body care retailer, Good Earth Beauty, offered me some samples for review and giveaway.  

Never heard of natural lip scrub either?  The website, Lip Scrub, (yes, there is really a site devoted to lip scrubs) describes lip scrubs as follows:  “Lip scrub, like all other body scrubs, uses a gritty substance that to exfoliate the surface layers when rubbed on your lips. Lip scrubs remove the dead outer surface of your lips, but unlike body scrubs, they are generally safe if ingested. Lip scrubs are made to be sweet and great-tasting so scrubbing is healthy and enjoyable.” 

Good Earth Beauty Logo

Good Earth Beauty Logo

Like Neapolitan ice cream, my Good Earth Beauty natural lip scrubs were crafted with sugar, and flavored with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Plus lots of organic oils! Mmmm, indeed!

When I tried my scrubs, they left my lips feeling clean and invigorated. With a bit of a natural rosy glow–kind of like your great aunt pinching your cheeks before the middle school dance.  I went online to see what others had to say.

Strawberry Natural Lip Scrub

Strawberry Natural Lip Scrub

“Exfoliation can help minimize dryness and the appearance of fine lines,” Christine Rodgers, MD, a Denver-based plastic surgeon, says in More.  Other sources mentioned that scrubs help lip color adhere better and can help remove dry skin in chapped-lip season. You can apply a lip scrub with a toothbrush or your index finger. Vogue Australia notes that lips are more delicate than skin, so shouldn’t be exfoliated more than twice a week. 

Natural Lip Scrub closeup

Natural Lip Scrub closeup

Summer is prime time for looking fresh and smooth!  Want to try for yourself?  Then consider the giveaway below, sponsored by Good Earth Beauty.

This giveaway is for a lip scrub trio (flavor substitution may occur if needed), approximately a $25 retail value. It is open to mailing addresses in the US and closes on Sunday July 17 at midnight CST. To enter, leave a comment below telling me your favorite summer flavor.  For a second entry, like Art of Natural Living on Facebook and leave a second comment letting me know you have done this.  The winner will be picked randomly, contacted by email and have 24 hours to get back to me with mailing information or a new winner will be chosen.

Happy summer!







103 thoughts on “Natural Lip Scrub Giveaway

  1. Mary Beth Elderton

    One of my favorite summer flavors is watermelon—I ate almost an entire half melon by myself yesterday lol

  2. lissa crane

    They all look fabulous, but my summer favorite would have to be the strawberry, since they’re in season and my favorite treat of the summer!

  3. Charlene Canfield

    It is a toss up between strawberry and watermelon. Of course peach is up there too.

  4. Lisa Tarsavage

    My favorite summer flavor is definitely watermelon. I don’t know why but I’m addicted to it.

  5. Kathleen S.

    My favorite summer flavor is blueberry! I love the taste of freshly picked blueberries. It’s my favorite berry.

  6. allyson tice

    my favorite summertime flavor is mint chocolate chip!! i love anything smelling or tasting like it!

  7. Lauryn R

    My favorite summer flavor is coconut. 🙂 I have never heard of lip scrub before, but can definitely see the benefits!

  8. angie w

    It’s hard to pick a favorite summer flavor – I like peach, strawberry, cherry, and watermelon! So many good choices 🙂

  9. renee

    When I think of summer flavors I think of watermelon, coconut, strawberry, and, my favorite, lemon, for lemonade!

  10. Brenda Guardado

    Strawberry Lip Scrub would smell oh so good and make me feel my best. My 6 year old niece is crazy for strawberries so we’ll see if she tries to steal it from me haha.

  11. Alison Watson

    My favorite summer flavor is strawberry! Luckily, my garden has been producing handfuls of strawberries for the first time this year. Woo-hoo!

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