Rare Earth/Pizza Man Farm to Table Dinner

Farm Decor


Food Prep

Getting Ready

Canning jars make "green" glasses

Canning jars make “green” glasses

Delightful Appetizers

Let the Appetizers Begin

Pickled Vegetable Kabobs

Pickled Vegetable Kabobs

Rare Earth Farm Tour

Rare Earth Farm Tour

Rare Earth Greenhouse

Greenhouse bursting with bell peppers

Sunflower Fields

Sunflower Fields Forever

Picking Corn

Picking Corn

Eating Fresh Corn in the FIeld

Time to bite in

Thanks for the eggs...

Thanks for the eggs…

Food Preparation

Back to the Food…

Farm Table Decor

Lovely tables



Great Local Food

Farm to table food closeup

Up Close

food plate

Farm to table dinner closeup: too excited to focus…

Thank you Rare Earth Farm and Pizza Man Restaurant for this lovely farm to table dinner (9/12/15)!

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