Shower Bomb Giveaway (Start the New Year… Cozy)

It’s a cold winter’s night.  I am sipping the hottest of cocoas and snuggled under down as I type.  Just past the deep dark of the winter solstice, wouldn’t it be warming to relax in a deep fragrant bath? 

Shower Bombs

Shower Bombs

Alas, I have to accept myself as a shower kinda’ gal.  The relaxation part sure sounds nice, but my to-do list is a killer.  But, what if I tried a nice shower bomb (and hosted a shower bomb giveaway)?  

Back a couple months ago I was contacted by Michelle from JuniperEarth.  She mentioned her shower bombs—the shower counterpart to bath bombs.  All natural and scented with essential oils.  I was intrigued—I’m a sucker for products scented with essential oils!

Even a shower can feel this good (stockphoto)

Even a shower can feel this good (stockphoto)

Most people don’t realize how important it is to use products scented with essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances. Besides a usually nicer, more natural smell, you don’t need to worry about essential oils containing phthalates (possible carcinogens  and endocrine disruptors linked to reproductive development problems) which may be lurking in the synthetics.   

How does a shower bomb work?  You place one in the shower (I recommend on a shelf to guard against slipperiness) and the steam starts to dissolve the salts, releasing the fragrance.  Mmmmm!  So far I’ve used one shower bomb which lasted me three showers (though my much slower husband would probably just get one shower in).

Bath Luxury (stockphoto--wish it were me)

Bath Luxury (stockphoto–wish it were me)

Years ago… I think it was before I had kids, I used to go the bath route.  Sometimes bubbles, sometimes wine, always candles and good scents.  We even put in special mood lighting when the bath was remodeled. 

Perhaps in a few more years, I’ll go back to lounging again!  Right now, it’s more like shower quick, then on to something productive.  But (fireworks & cheering), these shower bombs help me get the best of both worlds—speed and relaxation in a cloud of fragrant steam! 

Shower Bombs

Shower Bombs

Want to try some yourself?  Then consider this giveaway for 3 shower bombs and a bath bomb (pictured above)!  Sponsored by Juniper Earth, it is open to US residents and closes January 15, at midnight CST.  To enter, leave a comment below telling me if you made any healthy New Year’s resolutions this year.  For a second entry, follow Art of Natural Living on Pinterest and leave a second comment below letting me know you are a follower. The winner will be picked randomly, contacted by email and have 24 hours to get back to me with mailing information or a new winner will be chosen.

Start the new year… cozy.


273 thoughts on “Shower Bomb Giveaway (Start the New Year… Cozy)

  1. Teresa Young

    Now following you on Pinterest – the Drunken Chocolate Pear Tart looks delicious!

  2. Ginger

    Cutting down on sugar consumption this year! I’ve done a few whole30’s but I still enjoy dessert as I’m a former pastry chef 🙂

  3. Alison Watson

    I have started taking probiotics and have been incorporating more veggies into my diet. Thanks for the chance!

  4. Gail

    Each month this year, I’m going to focus on one aspect of improving my diet. For January, I’m doing my 2nd Whole 30.

  5. Darla

    Following on Pinterest!

    No healthy resolutions this year, Bc I don’t make new year resolutions.

  6. jenny stratton

    My New Years Resolution is to live a healthier life. The plan is to eat less processed foods, hopefully that will help save some money.

  7. Brittany Koelmel

    Oh these sound awesome! My resolution is to loose 10 lbs and to do it by swimming/dieting!

  8. Emily Benzing

    I made a mentally healthy resolution to stop stressing about things I can’t control and to let my mind take a break sometimes!

  9. Stacie H

    My New Year’s Resolution is to be healthier! I am going to eat healthier and start exercising again! 🙂

  10. Angelica

    My New Year’s resolution is kind of small, there was a 52 hikes in 2017 challenge but I didn’t want to jump in on something I know I will fail at. I’ve made my own challenge, 20 hikes in 2017. 🙂

  11. Dominique Cloutier

    I have made 2 resolutions t his year.
    i want to stop living paycheck to paycheck. i’m close and i’m gonna do it this year.
    i’m also working on balancing the home and work life better so I can spend as much time as possible as my kids while still paying the bills and make my savings actually appear lol

  12. Nicole Lancaster

    I followed Art of Natural Living on Pinterest-Nicole Lancaster-

  13. Wendy R.

    I don’t make resolutions as a rule. However, I do try to live a better life than the one previous. Now that being said, I need to work on my health!!

  14. Danielle Porter

    I don’t make new year’s resolutions, but i try to make monthly goals that are manageable! This month I’m trying to make sure I take my dog for a walk at least 5 days a week!

  15. Sarah Gillespie

    I’ve made resolutions to be more healthy, mentally, by practicing yoga and meditation more consistently.

  16. Diana Cote

    My resolutions are to stick with a workout routine, cut down on junk and sugar and be less negative and try to go to sleep earlier.

  17. stephanie scales campbell

    My resolution is to live a healthier life by starting with eating healthier.

  18. Morgan Watson

    My new years resolution is to walk/run more. Also, work more (which I don’t think is the healthiest, but it’ll make me some extra money for more fun).

  19. Jennifer Corrado

    I am going to try to exercise more this year! Following at Jenny678 on Pinterest!

  20. Hayley Schermerhorn

    My healthy resolution is to cut down on my sugar intake and try to get to bed earlier on the nights I don’t work!

  21. Madison

    I am going to live a more peaceful and positive life starting this new year. I want to keep an open mind, rid myself of stress and negativity, drink water, and stretch.

  22. MaryAnn

    I have quit drinking pop and am replacing it with water. 9 days in and I have lost over 4 pounds. I am mostly through the headaches but I am still tired a lot.

  23. Sarah Peirpoint

    I didn’t make any resolutions at all this year which is very unlike me. However, I did get engaged over the holiday, and I am looking forward to some positive changes in my health & environment in 2017. Thanks for this opportunity!

  24. Kristie

    My resolution is to eat better and exercise! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you. Happy 2017!

  25. Kristie

    Follow on Pinterest. Kristie Donelson. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you. Happy 2017!

  26. Linda Kwolek

    My healthy New Year’s resolution is not to except excuses from others who choose not to accept their responsibilities.

  27. Virginia B.

    I like to call them goals versus resolutions. One of my goals this year is to have more fun. Say yes more often.

  28. Kelly McGrew

    i have done a complete overhaul of my diet and exercise. it must stick this time!!!! with my friends and family on board i know i can do it!

  29. dee priser

    I made only one resolution this year- to become the embodiment of my spirit animal: Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation! No, really, though, I just want to do more, be more, live more!

  30. dee priser

    I follow you on Pinterest as deepriser also, I LOVE your board, “Missed this film” what a great idea!

  31. Chelsey Bennett

    My healthy resolution is to get out of the house and socialize more. I haven’t seen friends in over 2 years and it may be time to go make some more.

  32. Elizabeth Brooks

    Drink less soda… and being a single mom … taking time for me sometimes following on pinterest

  33. Danielle Kyle

    I made many. I want to think of myself better – rather than telling myself I am stupid, an idiot, etc. I also want to exercise more, eat healthier, be happier and fix my relationships for a happier, healthier living. Currently it hasn’t worked out but at least we’re only 10 days in 😉

  34. Susan Biddle

    I didn’t make any resolutions. I do have lots of healthy plans for 2017 however. I am going to grow a bigger organic garden, hike lots as usual, and find new swimming holes to explore.

  35. Paula Riccobono

    I plan to continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and consume anti-inflammatorys like Turmeric regularly.

  36. Lauryn R

    I plan on taking more time on myself, especially my beauty routine. As a SAHM to three little ones, I don’t think about myself ever. I also plan on drinking A LOT more water.

  37. Ally

    I try not to do new year’s resolutions, because if I perceive myself as having “failed,” I give up. When there’s something I want to work on, I try to just work on it then and there and not make a big deal out of it (thus, if I don’t quite meet my expectations, I can soldier on and keep trying, rather than giving up). That said, I would like to work on purchasing more “ingredients” compared to prepared foods (but the fact that I made that decision close to January 1st is coincidental).

  38. Nicole

    I switched to a vegan diet, and my husband has given up eating meat and dairy in the home. I’m also drinking at least 2 glasses of water every morning when I wake up, before I do anything else. I’m already noticing a difference in how I feel!

  39. Dewayne Bradshaw

    Yes, I am making changes this year with the foods I eat. I am growing veggies and making veggie sprouts for our salads each day.

  40. wen budro

    I resolve to eat less sugar and walk more every day in 2017. I know that I will feel better.

  41. robin s.

    I wanted to be healthier for my daughter so I started a diet. I have actually been doing quite well with it.

  42. Julie Waldron

    I’d like to use the treadmill more and ride bike or walk more in the summer. I’d also like to eat more meals at home.

  43. Grace H

    My resolution is to eat better and workout at least five days a week and eat better and hopefully loose 35 pounds, but mostly I just want to feel healthier and happier for the new year!

  44. Lisa Narciso

    My new years resolution was to give birth to a healthy baby girl and yo be the best mother that I can for her. She was born January 5th! I love her so much.

  45. florencia

    I made a resolution to sleep more in 2017, and to walk at least two miles every day. While I’ve been pretty lax on the first goal, I’ve managed to walk 2 miles every day of 2017 so far! I hope I can keep it up!

  46. Christine H

    My new year’s resolution is to eat more vegetables and fruit. So far, I’m doing great! I’m making all natural fruit smoothies and eating more salads. I’m trying the ‘don’t push myself too hard’ approach, and it’s going great!

  47. Christine H

    I’m following you on Pinterest, too. I love how your boards follow the holidays – so easy to follow!

  48. Sarah Lockhart

    I decided to try organic 50 percent of the time. It is expensive but I think it’s worth it!

  49. Holly S.

    I did make a resolution this year to be healthier! To eat healthier and start yoga again to get flexibility back. I’ve been so busy working the last few years that I’ve let it slide completely.

    I’m intrigued by these shower bombs! I love baths but rarely have the time for a nice, long soak.

  50. Vikki Billings

    I am going to continue my high protien, no sugar and low carb diet. I lost 78 pounds last year doing the same diet and have already lost 20 pounds in the past 2 months.

  51. Angela Newsome

    I made a resolution to take better care of myself physically, mentally and spiritually

  52. Kim Pollock

    I want to choose joy daily and start my mornings with a quiet time and running 3 times a week!

  53. Jeani B

    Yes, I did! My resolutions were about emotional and mental health – committing to my hobbies, like learning to sew and learning to play the piano. I also want to find time to read at least 1 book per week [an adult novel; I read to my kids constantly].

  54. Katie R

    I did not truly make a New Years Resolution, however, I have decided to destress more often, baths, quiet reading time, face masks, hot tea, etc.

  55. Laurie Nykaza

    The healthy New Year’s resolutions this year I made was to have a Integrated medical dr and to eat right and im doing it.

  56. Fiona N

    I am following Art of Natural Living on Pinterest as name: fiona nuyen
    Thank You for the chance

  57. Amber Bourland

    I’m working on cutting how much sugar I eat/drink, as well as hiking more (just because that is when i feel relaxed the most).

  58. Jessica Whitehouse

    I don’t believe in making New Years resolutions… most people only break them anyway.

  59. Dana Matthews

    I have made healthy resolutions for this New Year. I am working on improving my health and getting my A1C back to normal.

  60. Kelly Wach

    I have been taking the stairs instead of elevator, drinking more water. I also like to park further away so I can walk more

  61. Victoria

    Not a resolution per se, but I did commit to a 30 day plank challenge for January, and joined a local hiking group :).

  62. Kathryn C

    I have continued to lay off the cigarette smoking (quit 7 months ago) and I started eating healthier this year!

    Kathryn C

  63. rachel

    I don’t really do resolutions but I am determined to improve my running this year–run consistently, longer and just a touch faster– and I just entered my first 10k.

  64. Mary Gardner

    I resolved to stick to my eating plan even through holidays and special occasions which have always been my downfall.

  65. Dena Stewart

    The only resolution I made was to try as much as possible to reduce the stress in my life. Hopefully that works since I’m pretty stressed.

  66. Margaret S Porter

    I made a resolution to be more active, To cut back on processed foods and to drink more water

  67. Kristina Rogers

    My healthy resolutions were to pack home-made lunches for work and drink more water!`

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