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It’s that time of year again. Time for the early summer consciousness raising about, well… all that stuff that goes onto your skin—sunscreen, lotion, soap and so on. Did you know that the average the average adult uses nine personal care products daily & teenage girls use even more?  I know summer is an especially big time for me!  beach

If you are eating well and exercising, doesn’t it also make sense to also pay attention to other products you use? “What goes on you, goes in you,” they say. 

Good Earth Beauty Logo

Good Earth Beauty Logo

But I’m not preaching deprivation—there are lots of great alternatives around. And to sweeten my message, I am hosting a giveaway from Good Earth Beauty, an internet retailer focused on providing fine natural bodycare items.

Finding Natural Beauty Products

Of course just like eating healthier requires a little thought, so does picking out a soap or a sunscreen. Before buying bodycare products, I usually take a peek at the Skin Deep Database from the Environmental Working Group–the people who brought you the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen food lists.

For personal care products, they have a rating system that goes from 0, the best, to 10, “don’t even think about it” (my paraphrase). Their database has over 70,000 products already rated, with a Build Your Own Report option to help out small business lovers like me. For unrated products (e.g. from vendors like Good Earth Beauty), you can enter an ingredient list for a custom rating. I settled on looking for a rating “3” or lower so I can get a low rating along with nice sensory characteristics and good performance (after trying and comparing literally hundreds of products).  img_1

What kinds of chemicals might you want to avoid in your products? For starters:  lead in lipstick and men’s hair coloring, talc in antiperspirant, phthalates in soaps and perfumes, formaldehyde in nail polish…  Hmmm, lead is a neurotoxin banned in paint and gasoline, talc is a possible risk for ovarian cancer, phthalates are potential endocrine disruptors now banned in children’s plastics, and formaldehyde is that nasty smelling stuff they preserve lab rats in.  ‘Nuf said? 

Good Earth Beauty Scrub

Good Earth Beauty Scrub

So I was delighted when Good Earth Beauty sent me their Cranberry Citrus bodywash and Coconut Lime Exfoliating Body Whip (Scrub) for a review and giveaway.     The soap lathered well and had a beautiful fruity scent that made me think of eating popsicles on a warm summer day. The scrub hit one of my hot buttons—from face to legs, I believe that exfoliating is key to helping your skin look its best. Especially important in swimsuit season! I ran both of these products through the EWG ingredient analyzer and each came up as a “3.”   Ding, ding, ding–winners!

Good Earth Beauty Body Wash

Good Earth Beauty Body Wash

There are a couple other things I should note about Good Earth Beauty. First they stock a wide variety of items—from their own to those from other small to medium vendors (including some of my favorites). This makes your shopping much easier than going from store to store (even online)! Then there is free shipping in the US (always) and flat rate shipping worldwide.

And now for the giveaway…  

Good Earth Beauty Giveaway

Good Earth Beauty Giveaway

This giveaway is for the two products (body wash and scrub) that I reviewed.  It is sponsored by Good Earth Beauty and open to US residents.  It closes at midnight CST July 12, 2015.  To enter, leave a comment telling me why you think going natural is better.  For a second entry, follow Art of Natural Living on Facebook and leave a second comment mentioning this (or a second comment telling me you are already a Facebook follower).  The winner will be picked randomly, contacted by email and have 24 hours to get back to me with an address and any other needed information or a new winner will be chosen.

Happy Summer!

83 thoughts on “Summer Natural Beauty & Giveaway

  1. Debbie

    My mother has melanoma, so I am very conscious of what I put on my skin! I like trying all natural skin products, and they also make great gifts for hard-to-buy-for friends.

  2. Tammy Schweitzer Catterton

    I have too say natural is the best route to go due too additives so items that are made these days . Natural best too be

  3. Maryann D.

    Going natural is best because we do not like to put chemicals in our body. It is safer and healthier to go natural.

  4. kelly tupick

    I think going natural is better as it is easier on your skin and doesn’t have the harshness as other products have.

  5. Ginger

    I think natural products are more healthy for our bodies and I get better results from using them!

  6. grace

    i tend to intentionally not think about all the potent chemicals in my beauty products, but i suppose that’s pretty ignorant of me. natural is pretty much always better.

  7. Katrina

    I prefer to use natural products when I can because we come into contact with so many chemicals every day that we can’t (or are very difficult to) avoid, through food, cleaners, air, etc. When we are “pampering”, why should we willingly add more of those to our body?
    mrsbrockavich48 (at)gmail (dot)com

  8. Aimee Webber

    I think going natural is better for our bodies, our environment and our health! it’s an all around good decision!

  9. Lindsey Khatri

    I think going natural just makes the most sense! Why put chemicals and additives onto or into our bodies?

  10. Samantha Mills

    I didn’t used to think about all the chemicals that were in so many of the products we use every day, even though I knew they weren’t good for me. Then when I had my little boy a few months ago, or really when I got pregnant with him, I began thinking more about what is going in and on my body. Now I try to use as many all natural products as possible. I wouldn’t want anything else for my precious little guy.

  11. allyson tice

    Going natural is better cecuase there are no irritants in natural products to harm the skin

  12. Alison Tolar

    I think going natural is better because a lot of the chemicals in conventional products can cause adverse effects when used over time. I’d rather not risk it.

  13. Wehaf

    So many skin products now are manufactured with chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system, causing fatigue, fertility issues, and many more problems. By going natural you can avoid these toxic ingredients and help keep your body safe.

  14. Jennifer M.

    Natural is best because chemicals can be absorbed into your body and who knows what they will do to you!

  15. Molly

    I am trying to completely wean off harmful chemicals, for my own healt, my family’s, and the planet’s. Difficult to do but every step helps! Would love to try these products!

  16. Alison Gibb

    Going natural is better because you know exactly what is in the product! I personally like to be able to pronounce the ingrediants in the products I use!!

  17. Sylvana B

    Going natural gets rid of all of the extra chemicals that cause more harm than good in our bodies.

  18. Erin F

    I prefer natural products because I like to avoid the nasty chemicals in mainstream products.

  19. Taryn T.

    I became more interested in going natural after I developed some serious heart problems. Going natural has so many more benefits for our body, without using harsh and unknown chemicals.

  20. Dawn S.

    It is so important to use quality, natural products on your skin because of how quickly your skin will absorb it. I certainly don’t want dangerous chemicals in my body.

  21. Heather Vogler

    Love natural products. What goes on the skin goes in the body so I like to be careful!
    Thanks, Heather Vogler

    thriftschooling at gmail dot com

  22. Audra O'Hara

    I think going natural is better because there are already too many things in our environment that are harmful. I think the more I can stay clear of unnecessary additives, preservatives and chemicals the better.

  23. Mallory Roberts

    Going natural is better because you aren’t exposing your skin to harsh chemicals that can be found in facial cleansers. I have much better results using a natural scrub purchased at the local farmer’s market versus using store-bought apricot scrub. I found that the drugstore brand scrubs seemed to dry out and irritate my face. My favorite all-natural scrub exfoliates and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft, and it smells yummy too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Kathy E.

    Whenever I can, I choose natural products and foods to purchase. Anything that isn’t natural is full of chemicals, preservatives, fillers, sugars, and who knows what else. Our bodies weren’t meant to process that stuff and I don’t want it in my body or my home!

  25. Adrien Beatty

    I think going natural is great for me because it keeps my body away from toxins and contributes to a healthier me!

  26. Melanie

    Going natural is definitely better! It helps cut down on the amount of toxins that enter our bodies and cause us to feel sick.

  27. Ashley Busse

    Going natural is not only good for the environment, but it’s great for our bodies! It keeps the unwanted toxins at bay!!

  28. LynneMarie

    Going natural is better because we are already exposed to too many chemicals in our daily lives.

  29. Darlene Owen

    I love anything that is natural, you never know what reaction your skin can have if it is not natural.

  30. Christina Anne

    I think going natural is better because then we’re not putting harmful chemicals in our body as much. Hopefully this will lessen health issues:)

  31. wen budro

    Natural is the way to go because I want to avoid as many chemicals and toxins as I can. Not easy….but every little bit helps.

  32. Rhonda R.

    I think natural might be better because my skin becomes so iratated with all the chemicals in everything!!

  33. Sarah

    I have allergies, with strong sensitivity to aromas, thus natural products are a better option for me.

  34. William Thomas

    I think going natural is better because it’s safer for your long term health. Harsh chemicals can damage your skin and even cause cancer. I play it safe and buy all natural products for all my family.

  35. wendi

    for one going natural does not interfere with your normal body scents to make them smell more intense or worse natural will leave the bad odors out

  36. amy tolley

    I personally believe that use all natural products your not exposing yourself or your family to harsh chemicals and unnecessary chemicals you do not need …I am also a follower on facebook under Amy Tolley

  37. Lorena Keech

    The constant revelations about the effects of what we unthinkingly eat and drink and use in our homes and on our bodies have made me much more cautious. I prefer to stick to the most natural products I can just to err on the side of caution.

  38. Jill Aaron

    I’m a new follower on FB, but not just for the contest! I love what I see there! Going natural is always better. If you don’t , you risk your health and that of your loved ones, including pets.

  39. Laurie Nykaza

    I try to use all natural with having skin cancer its so important to me keep away toxic products from my home!

  40. lissa crane

    I think going natural is better because so much of our lives are encased in plastics and toxins, we have to try to balance it out with the natural aspects of whatever we can.

  41. Cheryll Shubert

    I think going natural is much better, especially for your skin! I leave my face free of cosmetics on the weekend and my skin can breathe! It clearer and softer than clogging it with make-up!

  42. Sue Hull

    I think its better to use all natural products because most shower gel/body wash have some chemicals in the ingredients. Ive used Avon Naturals for years and it doesnt make me itch like some other products do. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  43. brittani adams

    Everything these days is harmful for us, there is so much threat to our well being. I love being as normal and natural as I was a born. Anything to help make this easier is great!

  44. Gail Fernandez

    I think going natural is better because it’s best to avoid chemicals, and you are less likely to have an allergic reaction.

  45. Nicollette

    As I get older, I find that my skin is more sensitive. Using natural products seems to make a big difference with that.

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