Vida Handmade Soap — Review and Giveaway

My siblings and I text all the time, but the other day my brother gave me a phone call.  He had been hanging with a friend who makes handmade soap – and now he was hooked.  Welcome to the club, bro!  

Vida Handmade Soap

Vida Handmade Soap

The conversation brought me back to when I tried my first handmade soap.  Shopping at a lunchtime farmer’s market, I picked it up on a whim.  When I got home and tried it, I was amazed — silky, rich and moisturizing.  Mmmm!  

And the smell?  To die for!  

Vida Handmade Soap

Vida Handmade Soap

Did you know that commercial soap can have some real differences from handmade?  Manufacturers often remove the moisturizing glycerin because they can sell it separately for extra profit.  And commercial soaps may be scented with synthetic fragrances that contain phthalates or other chemicals linked to health concerns. 

No wonder handmade soap seems so much nicer!

Recently, I got the chance to try some natural soaps from a new company called Vida Soap.  I knew right away when it had arrived because even the packaging smelled good!   

Vida sent me four delicious scents: Lemongrass, Lavender, Rosemary Mint and Cedarwood.   Each smelled amazing!  And when I tried the first bar, it was delightful — the smooth, luscious experience I’ve come to expect from a good natural soap!   

Did you know that I’ve even dabbled in making handmade soap myself?  But with the dangerous lye and the oil ratios and the curing, it isn’t a simple task.  And so… soapmaking always falls to the bottom of my list.  

That’s why I get excited about great small businesses like Vida who will do the hard work for me! 

Special Offer & Giveaway 

Want to try some for yourself?  In addition to the giveaway below, the nice folks at Vida Soap have a special offer for readers with US mailing addresses, while supplies last. They will send you a 2.5 ounce bar of relaxing, natural lavender soap – just for the cost of shipping and handling!  Check it out here.

And now for the giveaway!  It is for four bars of Vida soap, a $32 value, and is sponsored by Vida Soap. It is open to mailing addresses in the US and closes on March 18, 2018 at midnight CDT.  To enter, leave a comment below telling me what you do to live more naturally. For a second entry, sign up for Art of Natural Living emails (below my picture) and leave me a second comment, letting me know you did (or that you already subscribe). The winner will be picked randomly, contacted by email and have 24 hours to get back to me or a new winner will be chosen.

198 thoughts on “Vida Handmade Soap — Review and Giveaway

    1. Inger Post author

      You would have to email the maker. If you follow their link, it will take you to their site. If you can’t find anything let me know and I will try for you.

  1. Susan Marina Brown Lane

    I’m trying to get less processed foods and eat at home more. We donate clothing etc to neighbors and to Thrift stores. We also use thrift stores.

  2. Trisha McKee

    I have a garden and share with a group of friends. We all get together to trade clothes and food and I am constantly downsizing.

  3. Margaret S Porter

    I eat organics as much as possible. I recycle, I compost. I am trying to do my part.

  4. Renee Rousseau

    I try to avoid unnecessary additives in our food, toiletries and cosmetics by supporting natural brands.

  5. Taryn T

    We have a raised vegetable garden, and also use essential oils to make other products, like cleaning products.

  6. Barb Miller

    We buy all natural dish soap, hand soap, shampoo, and detergent. We buy organic veggies and other organic foods when we can (it’s too expensive to go all-organic).

  7. Debbie Erickson

    We try to purchase natural and organic items and fix our food at home and take out lunches as often as possible.

  8. Annmarie W.

    I usually don’t wear makeup, and never dye my hair. I prefer the natural look. I also purchase many of our foods at our local farmers market.

  9. amy Sanford

    I use things like wool dryer balls and norwex cloths to limit the amount of chemical cleaning products in my home

  10. Bonnie Cantrell

    We try to cut out artificial flavors and colors in our food, eat organic when we can. Use handmade soaps and shampoos and conditioners without all the chemicals. We use vinegar and other natural cleaning items along with essential oils.

  11. Danielle M

    Gardening when the weather permits. I also just tried a naturals soap and loved it! I got a plumeria scent and was in heaven…the shop told me it could be used for soap, shampoo, and shaving and it’s been great.

  12. BlueBonnet

    I have fun thinking of ways to repurpose or reuse items for my two female pet rodents. Watching their happy faces devour dandions is a good reminder about our reason and choices to live more naturally.

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway! I feel like I can practically smell a bar of their soap just after reading your review. Plus – how cute are those packages they come in ?!

  13. Trish F

    Totally cleaned up my diet and cut out sugar, gluten, and high carbs. Stick to organic fruits and vegetables. Use non toxic homemade cleaners and organic personal cleansers.

  14. Virginia B.

    I live more naturally by using homemade cleaners for the home. We also try and buy things without excess packaging.

  15. Nancy

    To live more naturally, we shop at the local farmer’s market and reduce, reuse, recycle and donate usable items to charity resale shops.

  16. Janice Gabriel

    I follow my own body rhythms for eating, drinking, exercising and waking and sleeping.

  17. Kelly McGrew

    I am not eating anything processed (out of packages or boxes), and I noticed that also cuts down on a lot of unnecessary trash and waste, like those plastic bags for my produce. Unless it’s green beans or Brussels sprouts, I do not bag my produce like cucumbers, bananas, peppers, lettuce, etc. there’s no need if I’m washing it anyway when I get home!

    I also use glass containers for my work lunches and dinner preps instead of ziploc bags, foil, plastic wrap, or plastic containers. These seem to be very wasteful and one-use only, which is unnecessarily wasteful!

  18. Jovan B.

    I don’t dye my hair anymore (growing out the gray at age 40!) and I hardly wear any makeup anymore.

  19. Jennifer Williams

    We can’t have a real garden here, so we go to a local farm as much as possible for our food!

  20. Cindy

    I have stopped using all products with chemicals. I use essential oils and coconut oil in their place.

  21. Beverly Hall

    we don’t eat out or order in. with the exception of using bleach based cleaners if someone is ill, we use vinegar and water. i grow my own herbs and forage seasonally. we try to reduce our waste and recycle what we can in home

  22. wendy wallach

    i am choosing water to drink as much as possible and staying away from beverages with chemicals

  23. Robin

    I keep a vegetable garden and also purchase veggies from area farm stands and farmer’s markets.

  24. Cynthia P

    To live more ‘naturally’ I garden for fresh herbs and veggies, I make my own personal care products, I recyc as much as I can, and I try not to bring anything into my house which contains possibly toxic chemicals. Wish I could do even more.

  25. Wendy Clark

    We garden, compost, eat eggs from our chickens, can our food, I can’t even think of all the things we do . We live on a little hobby farm and are slowly learning more and more…

  26. Amber Bourland

    I’ve been gardening for years (with a 2 year break due to a stroke in 2016 and major floods in 2017), raise my own chickens for fresh eggs, have added hogs and more fruit trees to my little farm. I’ve learned how to can and preserve my own foods. With the hens, hogs, and compost bins we have no more food waste- which is a great feeling!

  27. Chelsey Bennett

    I have taken just about all disposable products out of my kitchen and bathrooms. It’s a work it progress, but I’ve done a lot.

  28. clynsg

    We buy fresh fruits and veggies at the Farmer’s Market, and get our eggs from a friend with chickens (helps both her and us!).

  29. Bobbi Jo Chandler

    I use oils, make my own cleaners, laundry soap, insect repellent. Tried soap, lotion, and candles..too hard or I’m too dumb…lol. do enjoy the natural stuff. Working on perfumes.

  30. Betty Curran

    I tried to subscribe but got an error message. Does that mean I’m already subscribed?

  31. Betty Curran

    We grow our own veggies and what we can’t grow we get at the farmer’s market. I make my ow n laundry detergent and read labels to avoid unnecessary added chemicals.

  32. susan smoaks

    in order to live more naturally i am really trying to stay away from processed foods.

  33. monique s

    to live more naturally I try to eat organic as much as possible. I also recycle and upcycle and minimize waste

  34. angie

    I have lived an all vegetarian, mostly organic/natural, lifestyle for almost 18 years. I do this with my food and personal/household products. If I don’t know what an ingredient is, it doesn’t go in my mouth or on/in my body/home.

  35. Sherri

    I use essential oils and I am in the process of switching to all natural cleaning products

  36. jenny stratton

    I make my own body lotion, sugar scrub, lip balm as many of those types of products as possible. I have yet to try making my own soap.

  37. Stacy

    We garden, cook from scratch, try to limit our consumption of material goods, reuse and recycle.

  38. beth shepherd

    We have a small farm and try to do as much as we can to live off the land. Thank you!

  39. Wendy R.

    We like to buy our produce at a local program that rescues produce that would otherwise end up in the landfill for blemishes and imperfections, that groceries stores reject. I also try to use beauty products that are made organically and use no chemicals.

  40. Patrice P.

    I try to use as many organic/ natural products as possible. All of my flowers, veggies and herbs are grown organically in my garden.

  41. Tari Lawson

    I buy locally grown veggies when I can and I make most of my own meals using fresh ingredients.

  42. Ashley C

    I try to cut as many chemical filled products out of our home as possible, I also look for natural remedies for things and have a garden to cut down on the chemicals we eat

  43. Nicole

    We try to avoid medication and use natural products first. For example, we use peppermint oil for headaches.

  44. Marija

    I have a large garden, where I grow my own vegetables. I also buy used or get things for free whenever possible.

  45. wen budro

    I am trying to limit eating processed foods. I am also trying natural remedies for health issues.

  46. Rebecca W

    I like to use vinegar as a natural cleaner. I try to avoid chemicals for cleaning. Dish soap and hot vinegar are great for cleaning the shower!

  47. Char

    I subscribed because I love your blog so much! Thank you so much for the great offer. You are awesome!!

  48. Karley Moore

    We have been buying our meat and veggies from a local Co-op and the quality is amazing. I buy cruelty free makeup and I recycle as much as possible. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Regina

    I am trying to purchase more organic/natural products for cleaning as well as gardening. Thanks

  50. Kayla Sallee

    I am a vegan and have cut out all processed foods! I try to buy sustainable products as well for my household.

  51. Kayla Sallee

    I am a vegan and have cut out all processed foods! I try to buy sustainable products as well for my household.

  52. Kelly McGrew

    I am trying to use more essential to treat pain, stress, and discomfort instead of using Western medicines and pills.

  53. Helga

    I raise my own chickens for eggs and I use natural beauty products made by a small herbal products company.

  54. David

    I love handmade soaps and get them often at our farmers market. They are, as you say, so much nicer and easier on your skin.

    How do I live life more naturally? So many ways – at least I try! I eat almost zero processed foods. Of course all foods are processed in a way, but I mean foods that aren’t preserved with chemicals. Farm-raised meats and poultry, fresh vegetables, and fruits. I shop weekly at my farmers market, ensuring the best possible produce and meats. I also don’t use any products with added synthetic perfumes – dryer sheets are the worst! And, as you know, I even make my own condiments to ensure cleaner eating. Just a few things I like to do.

    PS – I love their “egg carton” packaging!

  55. Lacey Catlett

    We have chickens to eat scraps and give us eggs, we do a vegetable garden in the spring, summer and fall months, I pack my husband a lunch for work every day, we rarely eat out, I breastfeed, we buy organic whenever financially possible, we use essential oils, and we eat fresh for the most part because food is often the best medicine to help heal your body and keep it healthy.

  56. Angela Saver

    To live more naturally, I am using safe, nontoxic skincare, haircare and cleaners.

  57. Alison Watson

    I have goats and chickens that dispose of our food scraps and give us fresh eggs. And our goats are the perfect green lawnmower! Thanks for the chance! (Already subscribed)

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