We Have Cabinets!

We have completed week 6 of our kitchen remodeling and we have cabinets!!  They were installed Monday through Thursday last week and they are beautiful!  I am so glad we paid to have them professionally installed; it was done well and quickly, our installer (Rick) had recommendations for all the little questions we would have obsessed on, and we have no scratches on our new floor!

New Cabinets!

New Cabinets!

Last week was easy from a construction perspective since Rick did all the work, but being without a kitchen is getting old quickly.  I spent hours in the basement last week cleaning a case of strawberries in the laundry tub for freezing.  Besides the lack of ambiance, it took nearly an hour to find containers to freeze in; we have a million but when I found a bowl there was no lid anywhere and vice versa.  This is taking a nutritional toll as well.  Normally I am religious about eating my 5-9 servings of veggies a day, but the cooking challenges have me slacking off and as a result I have gained a couple pounds—arrgghh.

The other big activity last week was scheduling the countertop.  This was a bit of a trial as the contractor was pushing back on the agreed upon timeframes.  We finally got to a consensus, did the measurement and it is scheduled for installation on July 9.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel (knocking wood as I type)…

Biggest goof?  Forgot the tile installer was coming in Monday at 10, so had to run out Monday at 7 AM to select my backsplash tile.

Week 7:  electrician back, tile installer in for estimate, perhaps moving some of our things into pantry cabinets so perhaps we can find them again???

Basement Dishwashing in a 1939 House

Basement Dishwashing in a 1939 House

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