Surviving a Kitchen Remodel: Week 5

Week 5 of our kitchen remodel is now complete.  We have a floor!  This was a good week from the perspective of our work load, but tougher from a disruption standpoint.

The new floor is ¾“oak hardwood and extends into a hallway.  This means that at times we were cut off from the first floor bathroom as well as the basement stairs.  Our only serious water sources were in the upstairs bathrooms or basement through an exterior basement door.   They warn you that having too large a work triangle hinders food preparation–try having a work triangle on two floors!

This hit us parts of Monday (floor installed), Tuesday (stain applied) and Wednesday (water based finish applied).  On Wednesday I broke down and ordered a pizza–hurray!  And we still managed to resist using paper plates 😉

New Kitchen Floor

New Kitchen Floor

The cabinets were delivered on Wednesday and now take up most of the living room.  Our kitchen is not that large, but it sure looks like a ton of cabinets stacked up there!

The work crunch came over the weekend when John needed to wrap up the drywall on the cabinet walls and prime them.  There were a couple late nights on this, but we are done for the cabinet installer.  Other accomplishments—selected the cabinet door handles.

Boxed Cabinets

Boxed Cabinets

More Boxed Cabinets!

More Boxed Cabinets!

I now totally love cooking on the outdoor grill burner.  Now I know why people rave about gas stoves!

The 12 loaves of homemade bread I made are still holding out in the freezer.  It’s been great to have that touch of normalcy in my life!

2 thoughts on “Surviving a Kitchen Remodel: Week 5

  1. Eric Myers

    Those floors look beautiful. I know a kitchen remodel can be very stressful and inconvenient. I recently finished mine and boy what a bother that was. In the end its worth the discomfort and awkwardness to have such aa beautiful new kitchen that i love being in. Hold in there!

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