Surviving a Kitchen Remodel: Week 4

The end of week 4 of our kitchen remodeling was a flurry of activity.  And we are still behind schedule on some tasks, though it looks like we can still meet our end date.

Last week (week 4) John finished installing the drywall, except for the bay window wall which succumbed to lack of time (we were advised to avoid taping close to the floor install date, to keep the humidity from swelling the wood).  Since there is no cabinetry there, he should be able to slide this task into the wait period for the countertop.   While not ideal from a flooring perspective, base moldings can cover a myriad of sins.

Replaced Duct & Drywall

Replaced Duct & Drywall

The other time consuming activity was prepping the floor.  We had planned to pop off the top layer of modern floor tile (installed just last year, but for some reason, it never looks clean), fill in the low spots (e.g. where the wall came out) with plywood, and then have a ¾“ hardwood floor installed.  By leaving the older tile underneath intact, we would avoid any issues around possible asbestos in the tile.  The downside would be a “transition” to a 3/4” different height in the adjoining rooms, but we have that in our family room addition already and no one has tripped on it yet (we have a full step down in the master bedroom, which does throw off visitors).

In the end, the floor prep turned out to be more challenging and time-consuming than we expected.  On Sunday, I along with the two teens at home all pitched in hours in to pry off and pull tiles.  My leg muscles are feeling this today!  In hindsight, I would have at least gotten an estimate on having an asbestos contractor remove the old flooring and subfloor (or as an alternative considered taking an extra 1/8 inch in height differential by leaving the modern floor tiles on).  Perhaps it’s just as well.  With fresh floor we would have had the debate between ceramic tile (where I was leaning because I spill) versus hardwood (where John was leaning because he drops glasses) and had to duke it out.  And any contribution to marital harmony is critical when remodeling!

Beginning of flooring install

Beginning of Flooring Install

I also selected a countertop last week.  It is a lower end, but quite lovely granite called “golden diamond.”  Since we are getting off white cabinets, I was debating about going brown or black, which is quite the trend.  I really wanted to keep things light and bright so “gold diamond” won in the end.  I also did a scouting mission for backsplash tile and have some solid ideas that I’ll be firming up this week.

We are moving right along, but I am sure getting tired of cooking without a kitchen.  So far I have resisted eating out/picking things up, but it’s getting tougher.

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  1. Terry Gilmore

    Man, this is a project in a half! I have been searching out silestone as a countertop surface. any thoughts? I found this site Silestone prices but not much else. Thanks. Terry

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