Relaxing Lavender Latte

A Lavender Latte is a unique coffee drink that is rich, creamy and flavorful. How does starting your day with a calm intensity sound! 

Lavender Latte

This post is sponsored and I received product samples from Taylor and Colledge to help in the creation of this recipe. All opinions are mine however.

I am a coffee addict, err, lover.  I console myself that it’s (more or less) a healthy habit. 

And as coffee drinkers go, I tend to be pretty bare bones.  Just hook me up to an IV and I’ll be awake in a minute.

But every so often I want a treat.  Something a little richer, a little more flavorful, a little special.  Like this tasty Lavender Latte.  Lightly floral with a hint of sweet, it’s a smooth, rich indulgence that’s completely guilt-free!  Read more

Mini Oreo Cheesecake Bites

Mini Oreo Cheesecake Bites are bite-sized creamy cheesecakes, dotted with chocolate Oreo bits, and set on an Oreo cookie crust.  Easy, tasty, fun and perfect for the holidays or any occasion!

MIni Oreo Cheesecake Bites

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Aren’t mini desserts the most fun!  Maybe it’s the lack of guilt when you have just a bite. (Or maybe two!)  

And then there’s the variety they allow.  I’d rather have two or three different small desserts than a big slab of cheesecake, no matter how good the big slab is!  Read more

Brandy Alexander with Ice Cream

With a sophisticated chocolate flavor and creamy goodness, A Brandy Alexander with ice cream is a fun cocktail or dessert for the holidays or any time of the year! 

Brandy Alexander with Ice Cream

Is it a cocktail, is it a dessert?  That depends on when you serve it up!  I would say that after dinner, it’s dessert while before dinner it’s a cocktail.  Well unless you are in the “eat dessert first” camp!   

Either way, the thick, tasty blend of ice cream, brandy and creme de cacao is a creamy taste sensation.  Not to mention a whole lot of fun!   Read more