All Natural Side Pork Bacon

Thick, juicy and flavorful, side pork is like the bacon of your dreams.  Unprocessed and cut from the coveted pork belly, it will rock your breakfast. 

Side pork served with eggs and coffee

If there’s one single reason I’d never become a vegetarian, it’s probably bacon.  I can’t think of another food that is as delicious both as a stand alone item and in recipes. 

But side pork has won over my heart.  Thick, flavorful and even more succulent than bacon, it’s a little bite of heaven.  Read more

Egg Salad with Pickles

Smooth, creamy, and rich, Egg Salad with Pickles is a classic recipe that is easy, tasty and versatile.  Make a sandwich or top lettuce for a quick, inexpensive lunch! Egg salad sandwich with beer

Is there any dish quite as down home classic as egg salad or chicken salad?  The final product is smooth and creamy—and full of flavor.  Especially if you load up your egg salad with pickles.  Yes, it’s a perfect comfort food!

In fact, Dill Pickle Egg Salad is so easy to make, it’s kind of like comfort food for the cook too!

Finally, I’m excited to say it’s a locavores delight.  The eggs, dill and even the cucumbers that became my dill pickle slices came right off the farm!  And there are lots more great farmer’s market recipes from my friends at the end of this post!  Read more

Spinach Feta Quiche

With tangy feta, savory shallots and creamy spinach, this Spinach Feta Quiche is a tasty and versatile entrée. Top with Tzatziki sauce for extra flavor!  And check out lots more great recipes below inspired by all the wonderful farmers market wares out now.

Spinach Feta Quiche

I have a confession.  In the spirit of full disclosure… I created this quiche to use up some things that were laying around my kitchen.  Or more precisely my refrigerator.  Yes, come August I’ve been known to go a little crazy at the farmers markets.  So with spinach, dill, eggs and even homemade feta taking up far too much space, I settled on a quiche with a Greek flair. 

Happily, the quiche turned out beautifully, loaded with creamy feta and egg custard, all swirled around tender spinach and highlighted with dill and shallots.  Pretty yummy for leftovers!

And if that’s not enough, I eventually topped it with (an optional) Tzatziki (yogurt & cucumber) sauce which completely put it over the top.  Yup, better keep that sun hat handy!  Read more

Dill Pickle Slices

Tart, briny and flavorful, home-canned dill pickle slices will enhance your sandwiches, burgers and more all year.   A perfect option for using up larger cucumbers.   Dill Pickle Slices, canned

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When people think of homemade pickles, they often think whole pickles—or sometimes spears.  But my favorite variety to can is Dill Pickle Slices (aka Dill Pickle Chips or Hamburger Pickles). 

While whole pickles are fun and tasty, pickle chips are the real workhorse of the pickle world.  Adding a big flavor boost, they shine topping sandwiches or burgers.   And don’t forget that they’re a key ingredient in dishes like egg salad and tartar sauce.  

Yes, pickles are a staple! Read more